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LX-15 (also known as Conner Kent) is a partial clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, who is the superhero known as Superboy.

The origin of LX-15 dates to 2003, when Dr. Helen Bryce took a sample of Clark Kent's blood, when he was sick. The vial was stolen by Bryce's fiancé, Lex Luthor, who eventually returned the vial but kept a sample of the blood.[4][1] Years later, when Lex began to clone himself, many of the clones displayed a rapid aging process. When LX-15 was created, Lex chose to include what he had left of Clark's blood, in the clone's genetic make-up. Hoping that it would fix the problem.[1]

In 2010, LX-15, who by then went by "Alexander", was found at Cadmus Labs by Tess Mercer. Unfortunately, Tess also, accidentally, released LX-3, who burned down much of Cadmus and killed the other clones. However, Alexander had managed to get away and was taken in by Tess, who tried to give him a happy home.[3] She tried to save him from becoming like the original Lex, but as Alexander rapidly got older, Lex's memories began to manifest themselves in his mind. Tess had found a cure, for Alexander's aging problem, but by then felt that there was no saving him and decided to let nature take its course.[5]

However, Alexander escaped from Tess' care and by the time his body had evolved into that of a teenager, Alexander shot Martha Kent with a Kryptonite bullet, hoping that Clark would try and stop it and be killed. Not long after, Alexander was found by Lionel of Earth-2, who took him in. But, Alexander was still driven by Lex's memories and burned down the Luthor Mansion, while trying to kill both Lionel and Clark. Tess was able to convince him to surrender and allow Clark to live, allowing Clark to save Lionel and Martha. Afterwards, Alexander began to experience memory loss. Wanting to spare him more suffering, Tess tried to inject him with cyanide, but the needle broke against his skin.[2]

Returning to Tess' care, all of Alexander's memories faded, as his mind rebooted itself and his body began to manifest superhuman abilities, because of the Kryptonian part of his DNA. Even the color of his hair began to change from red to black. The scientists that Tess had oversee Alexander called him a "Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant" or CNR. From that, Alexander took the name "Conner". Eventually Tess felt that she had no other choice and took Conner to Clark, who she felt was the only one who could help him. However, Conner soon found himself facing Lionel again, who managed to manipulate him and convinced Conner to put on a red Kryptonite ring, taking away his inhibitions. This lead to a confrontation between Clark and Conner, where the red K ring was destroyed, and Conner saved Clark from Lionel. Afterwards, Clark welcomed Conner into the family and gave him the full name of "Conner Kent".[1] Originally, Clark had planned for Conner to attend Smallville High, but the threat of Lionel made that impossible. Instead Conner was sent away to Martha and hidden, until Lionel died.[6][7]

Over seven months later, Conner was among the super powered teenagers, who were recruited to a school headed by Jay Garrick, where Conner acquired the codename "Superboy". Because he was wearing the symbol for the House of El on his chest, the others began to look to Conner for leadership. Eventually making him the leader of the group known as the "Titans".[8]



  • At different times, Conner has been in the care of Tess Mercer and Martha Kent. It is unknown how Tess presented him to the outside world as Alexander. According to Smallville Season 11 Special #4, Conner Kent officially is Clark Kent's cousin.
  • Conner's biological age was never established. A deleted scene from the episode "Scion", gives his biological age in 2011 as 16.



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