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LX-3 was one of many clones of Lex Luthor created by Cadmus Labs, to rebuild Luthor's body. Like most, LX-3 was flawed. Not only did he age rapidly, but also developed psychotic behavior.

In 2010, LX-3 was accidently released by Tess Mercer. LX-3 overpowered and tied her up, before he burned most of the other clones of Lex to death. LX-3 made his way to the Kent Farm, where he kidnapped Lois Lane. He strung her up in the same field the real Lex had found Clark Kent nine years earlier. LX-3 set the field on fire, while also triggering a bomb he had placed at the Daily Planet. His plan was to force Clark to choose between saving Lois or people in Metropolis. His plan failed and LX-3 died as a result of his rapid aging.




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