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La Saligia is a religious cult that worships sin. Their seven members dress up as demons representing the seven deadly sin and fight to destroy religious institutions. They also seek to restore the eighth deadly sin, the sin of faith.


The Eighth Deadly Sin

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The Saligia cult members come to the attention of Batman and Robin when they begin murdering clergy members in Gotham. This also attracts the Order of Purity who send their agent Azrael to investigate. When Saligia begin kidnapping the children of Gotham's elite to sacrifice, Robin is sent in undercover as one of their victims. They reveal that these children are representing the seven deadly sins, and they are sacrificing them to bring about the eighth deadly sin.[1] Azrael, Batman, Robin and the Question team up to take Saligia down.[2]

Let Him Who is Without Sin

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The Saligia later resurface in Paris where they are murdering Order of Purity members. Azrael is sent after them again, and he tracks their killings down to an abandoned church. They ambush him and convert him to their ways, making Azrael into the eighth sinner representing faith.[3] Azrael takes the name Ermine, and accompanies them to Vatican City. Adrian Paratino and White Ghost are barely able to stop him from killing the pope, and they deprogram him. Following this, Azrael and the Ghost slaughter every remaining member of the cult and part ways.[4]


  • The phrase "SALIGIA" is a mnemonic based on the first letters in Latin of the seven deadly sins: superbia, avaritia, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira and acedia.


  • There are eight members of the Saligia cult in total. However, two of them are never given names. Fabian Nicieza has said that he did in fact give the characters names, but when asked had forgotten and lost the information. Still though, he's a really nice guy.[5]

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