Little is known about the life of Lachlan Luthor. To hide his past, Lachlan's son, Lionel, would claim that his father had been a hard-working entrepreneur, who hailed from Scottish nobility. In truth, Lachlan had been a low-level criminal, who lived in Suicide Slums. In 1961, Lachlan had passed through the town of Smallville and tried to mug a young woman named Louise McCallum but was stopped by a mysterious drifter and arrested. A few days later, Lachlan was released from jail, by deputy Tate. In return for his release, Lachlan agreed to kill the drifter. However, when Lachlan shot the drifter, the bullets just seemed to bounce off him, with one hitting and killing Louise McCallum. Lachlan fled the scene in shock and returned to his life in Metropolis.

Years earlier, Lachlan had married a woman and had a son. Lachlan was extremely abusive towards the boy. This led to Lionel conspiring with his friend Morgan Edge. The two blew up the Luthor family apartment. Killing Lachlan and his wife, while Lionel used the insurance money from their deaths, to start his corporation LuthorCorp.




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