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Cosmic King was a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.


Dr. Laevar Bolto, alias Cosmic King was once a brilliant scientist living on the planet Venus in the 31st Century. He was working to solve his world`s environmental problems, Laevar Bolto invented a transmutation ray that would allow him to transform one object into another but accidentally stumbled into the path of his own device and found himself imbued with its abilities.

When he was approached the Venusian government officials who discovered that Dr. Bolto used his invention as well as his abilities as an evil perversion, he left for the planet Earth only to find himself once again mistrusted and misunderstood there as well.

He was informed that his power of transmuting chemical elements was considered evil. As such, he was banished from Venus and travelled to Earth where he took on the name Cosmic King and created the Legion of Super-Villains along with Lightning Lord and Saturn Queen.

Meeting Superman

Having earned the right to do repair work in prison,Lex Luthor secretly steals components to build a device that allows him to send messages into the future. Having heard of Superman's previous exploits with the Legion in his youth, Luthor deduces that if there is a Legion of Super-Heroes, there must be a Legion of Super-Villains which he could contact to help him break out of prison. Lex's plan works and devices from the future to help break him out of jail are sent from the future, Luthor breaks out and is soon met with the 31st Century Legion of Super-Villains:

The group team up with Luthor to get revenge on Superman, who at that time was helping build Orphan City, for a bunch of orphans to live in. After the Legion of Super-Villains terrorized the celebrations, they lure Superman into a trap on a planet in the future where he is captured and sentenced to death.

However, before Luthor and the Legion of Super-Villains can pull the lever, the now adult Legion of Super-Heroes arrive and battle their evil counterparts. When the fight comes to a draw, the Legion offers one of their own to die in Superman's place, Saturn Woman volunteering to take his place. As a last wish she asks that Superman creates a ring around the planet they are on just like her home world of Saturn. With a ring around the planet, Saturn Queen suddenly becomes good and uses her mental powers to subdue her fellow evil Legionaries and Luthor. With the criminals defeated, the good Legion takes the criminals into custody while Superman returns to the 20th Century to bring Lex back to the authorities to finish his prison term.

Absolute Power

Cosmic King along with his cohorts Saturn Queen and Lightning Lord creates a parallel universe were they are the adopted parents of Superman and Batman. To do this the villains back in time and sabotaged the origins of Superman and Batman, first they Jonathan and Martha Kent just as they discovered Kryptonian ship, and killing Joe Chill immediately after he had murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne. They then set about killing the other members of the Justice League before the League was formed, for example, the Martian Manhunter was killed with fire just after Saul Erdel teleported him to Earth.

The two heroes were raised by the Super-Villains and are now their personnel enforcers. When things started to spiral out of control thanks to Wonder Woman's assault on the former heroes and Batman was killed and then Superman kills Wonder Woman. When they try to restore history, Batman kills his parents murderer and Ra's al Ghul takes over the world aided by the Legion, who battle the heroes again.


  • Molecular Reconstruction: Cosmic King can break down and reapply subatomic particles as well as break up the molecular structure of elements and rearrange them. To do this the element must know the exact elemental makeup of the object or living thing.


  • Laevar Bolto is also known as Dr. Bolto.


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