Lagoon Boy is an Atlantean from the outer reaches, fascinated with the surface world. He became a member of Young Justice and the Teen Titans.


Lagoon Boy appeared in Atlantis when the King decreed that outsider sea people be allowed into Atlantis despite the protests of many elitist Atlanteans. This is due to an attempt by Aquaman to make Atlantis more open to citizens living outside the city, by granting them citizenship. Lagoon Boy comes to the citizenship ceremony on the day of King Orin and Queen Mera's marriage. While there he befriends Blubber, a humanoid whale with a genius IQ and his assistant, Sheeva the Mermaid.

The Landlubbers

The three began calling themselves "The Landlubbers". Blubber creates a device which allows Atlanteans to view television from the surface world, and the trio become entranced with the surface world and head up to there in order to explore and compare it to the television broadcasts they had seen. They have fun running through New York City but their appearance creates a huge disturbance and the Coast Guard is quickly called in and shoots Blubber. Aquaman rescues the Landlubbers from persecution and sends them back to Atlantis.

Young Justice

The male members of Young Justice (Superboy, Robin and Impulse), head for Gotham City to stop Kobra and they meet up with Lagoon Boy and they all team work together. He assists his King and Young Justice again when Klarion the Witch Boy and Doiby Dickles transform the JLA and the JSA into children and the young hero's into adults including Lagoon Boy, First assisting Aquaman against Black Manta and later with all the hero's against Klarion. After the fight was over he was changed back.

Lagoon Boy enlists the aid of humpback whales in order to cause a riptide on the shores of the rogue nation of Zandia.[1]. Robin and Lagoon Boy team up to stop a sea monster from damaging Gotham Harbor and force its return to the sea.[2]

Destruction of Atlantis

The Spectre gone mad sets out to destroy Atlantis wreaks havoc on its people. He is shown by many Atlanteans and their allies escaping the Spectre. Lagoon Boy was one of the few survivors after the city's destruction.[3].

Titans East & Coma

Over a year after Young Justice disbands, Lagoon Boy is recruited alongside several other obscure teenage heroes as part of a Teen Titans spin-off team known as the Titans East. Unfortunately, he and the rest of the Titans are severely injured after being attacked by the children of Trigon on a routine training exercise, leaving him in a coma.


  • Hydrokinesis: He can form and control the flow of water much in the same way that Mera can.
  • Marine Telepathy: Lagoon Boy has also displayed the ability to command humpback whales. At this point, it is unclear just how much control he has over them.



  • Conch Shell: Lagoon Boy discovered a conch horn that allows him to call out to his pet Spotty, a monstrous animal from the undersea trench called the Devil's Deep.

  • No writer has yet provided an origin story for Lagoon Boy.
  • Lagoon Boy served as the ring-bearer for Garth's and Dolphin's wedding.[4]
  • Shortly after the character's debut, Lagoon Boy came to a gathering of heroes and was mistaken by a newscaster as one of the Creature Commandos.[5]



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