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Micro Lad was an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. A rejected legionnaire, he became a member of the Legion of Super-Rejects and Legion of Super-Villains.


Lalo Muldron like Shrinking Violet hails from the planet Imsk. Lalo like all Imskians possesses the ability to shrink to a microscopic size. Lalo came to Earth to audition for membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Lalo however failed the audition and was rejected from membership. He then joined with other rejected Legion applicants to form their own team known as the Legion of Super-Rejects. The team formed to take revenge on Legionnaires whose powers matched their own and prevented them from joining the team.

The Super-Rejects were defeated by their counterparts when the Legionnaires used teamwork, a concept which the Super-Rejects failed to consider.


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Saturn Queen engineered a break-out at Takron-Galtos and recruited Micro Lad to her new telepathically controlled Legion of Super-Villains. Micro Lad protested to their motivations, as he wanted to focus on liberating Imsk. Akka threw a knife into his back because he was interrupting Saturn Queen. Saturn Queen was mildly displeased, and encouraged Akka to ask her before taking such actions in the future. Despite this, she suggested they dump his body on Takron-Galtos to confuse the Science Police.[1] Shrinking Violet found his corpse in the rubble and spit on it, saying death was too good for him.[2]


  • Size Alteration: As a native of the planet Imsk, Lalo Muldron possesses the ability to shrink from normal human size to sub-atomic sizes, and any size in between. he retains most of his physical strength even at smaller sizes.




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