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Lana Lang has traditionally been Superman's romantic interest when they were teenagers in Smallville. She was Clark Kent's childhood friend and confidant and one of the first people that knew about Clark's powers. Lana is kind, patient and loyal, which is why Superman and Supergirl see her as family. Her family includes her son, Clark Peter Ross and her niece Linda Lang also known as Supergirl. She acts as both aunt and mentor to Supergirl. Lana is the editor of the business section at the Daily Planet and lives in the penthouse of Hammersmith Tower in Metropolis with her niece. Following the events of DC Rebirth, Lana Lang absorbed energy from a dead Superman's body giving her the power to convert solar radiation into various forms of electromagnetic energy; she went by the superhero alias Superwoman for a time. Lana Lang has had a lengthy publication history. She was created in 1950, first appearing in Superboy #10.



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