Lana Lang is a Smallville citizen who was once the girlfriend of Clark Kent/Superman. After they broke up, she eventually married to the fire chief of Smallville, Kyle Cushing.

Lana Lang grew up in Smallville and, during their high school years, she was the girlfriend of the Clark Kent. She was also a close friend of Pete Ross. At some point in time, she and Clark broke up and the latter moved to Metropolis.

Eventually, Lana became a mortgage manager in the Smallville Bank; later, she met the chief of Smallville Fire Department, Kyle Cushing, and married him: the couple had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie.

After the death of Martha Kent, Lana attended her funeral with all of her family where she met again Clark and his wife, Lois.

A few days later, Lana explained to Clark that his mother had a debt with the Smallville Bank. She offered him to buy his farm or pay off the debt: much to her surprise, his former boyfriend agreed with her to repay his mother's loan and move to Smallville with his family.[1]



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