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Lana Lang is a Smallville citizen who was once the girlfriend of Clark Kent/Superman. After they broke up, she eventually married the fire chief of Smallville, Kyle Cushing.

Lana Lang grew up in Smallville and, during their high school years, she was the girlfriend of the Clark Kent. She was also a close friend of Pete Ross. Clark disappeared for years shortly after graduation. When he returned he hoped to rekindle his relationship with Lana, but she had already moved on and was engaged to Kyle.[1]

Eventually, Lana became a mortgage manager in the Smallville Bank; she and Kyle married and had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie.

After the death of Martha Kent, Lana attended her funeral with all of her family where she met again Clark and his wife, Lois.

A few days later, Lana explained to Clark that his mother had a debt with the Smallville Bank. She offered him to buy his farm or pay off the debt: much to her surprise, her former boyfriend agreed with her to repay his mother's loan and move to Smallville with his family.[2]

Although Lana tried to put on a brave face for the world, in reality her family was falling apart. She and her husband slept in separate rooms, Sophie was bulllying other children at school and Sarah had attempted suicide the year before. Lana forced Sarah to attend regular therapy while also keeping it a secret from the town, and their relationship was rocky. Sarah quit the school’s cheerleading squad, which Lana coached, and walked out in the middle of practice. After school she and Lana had a public fight where Sarah chastised her mother for denying and hiding their family’s problems rather than confronting them. That night the two tentatively reconciled and Sarah assured Lana that if she ever felt suicidal she would talk to her.[3]

Kyle was campaigning for Smallville to grant the rights to the disused Shuster mines to Morgan Edge, hoping he would bring employment and investment to the struggling town. Edge toured the town hosted by Kyle and invited the couple to dinner after he met Lana. During dinner he interrogated her about her choice to work at a low level job in her hometown when her education and skills could have allowed her a more prestigious career elsewhere. Lana was disturbed by his questioning and upset that Kyle did not seem to notice or care about her discomfort.[4]

Edge was granted the mining rights and to the Cushing's suprise, hired Lana to head up operations in Smallville. Kyle was initially disappointed that he was not offered the job in return for his advocacy, but he was proud of Lana and their relationship began to slowly recover. Lois approached the Cushings and asked them to collect information on Edge Enercorp from the inside, and they both intially refused. However, Lana agreed to help when Sarah was abducted by Tag Harris, a teenager who was given superpowers after an accident at the mines, and Lois informed her that she believed Edge was involved in a project to give people powers for some nefarious purpose.[5] Edge asked Lana to recruit five people for an alleged leadership training program, and implied that she should select Kyle as a candidate. Lana feared that the program may be part of Edge's superpowers project and kept Kyle out of it, so Edge instead recruited an old friend of hers named Emily Phan behind Lana's back.[6]

Lana bumped into Emily in the office and she mentioned going through a mysterious “process”, which she assumed Lana had also been through. Lana attempted to quiz Emily about the process but they were interrupted by Edge’s assistant Leslie Larr, who took her to Edge’s office. Edge told her that he knew she was feeding information to Lois and invited her to go through the same process as Emily, but she rejected it.

That night at Smallville High’s musical revue, Emily uncharacteristically got up and left without a word in the middle of her daughter’s performance. Kyle followed her, claiming he would ask he what she was doing. Lana reported this unusual behaviour to Lois, but Lois cut their call short when her home was attacked by Emily and another man, possessed by Kryptonian consciousnesses. Later that night, Kyle came home claiming to have woken up in a field with bruised ribs and no idea how he got there, unable to remember anything that happened after he left the school, and told Lana he had accepted Edge’s offer to join the program.[7]

Sarah assumed Kyle was drunk and stormed out when Lana defended him. As Kyle and Lana were talking, Lois came to the house, which activated the Kryptonian consciousness within Kyle. He attacked them but Lois overpowered him with a chunk of Kryptonite. Kyle was held by the Department of Defense and tortured for information with Kryptonite, eventually giving up the location of the transformation chamber.

Dabney Donovan, the scientist who performed the transformation procedure, did not have the knowledge or understanding of the alien technology to reverse it, the only person who could would be it’s inventor: Superman’s mother Lara Lor-Van. Lana volunteered to be the host for Lara’s consciousness and Lara used Lana’s body to modify the Eradicator to reverse Edge’s procedure. Superman used the modified Eradicator to restore all the Subjekts to normal, and Lana reunited with Kyle and Sarah.[8] The Cushings were ostracised by the town, who blamed Kyle and Lana for what had happened, but this shared adversity brought the family closer together.[9]

With the closure of the mines Lana lost her job and began looking for a new one, but found it difficult. Kyle and Sarah became disillusioned with the people of Smallville after they turned on the family and Kyle even suggested moving, but Lana still had faith in the town, and the Mayor assured the Cushings that he would help them. However, when Lana went to pick Sarah up from the police station, she overheard the Mayor talking to the Sheriff and placing the whole blame for Edge coming to town on Kyle. She confronted the Mayor for trying to scapegoat her family to protect himself from the political fallout, and confessed to Lois that she had devoted her whole life to Smallville, and had no contacts or prospects outside of it.[10]

The Cushings put their house on the market, but received only one offer below market value. Clark came to ask Lana to stay, as Smallville needed her now that Martha was gone. Lana admitted she did not want to leave, but did not see how her family could stay. Kyle eventually received an offer to replace the fire chief in Bristol County two hours away from Smallville, and with no other choice they decided to relocate. When they told their daughters Sarah chastised them for giving up on Smallville so easily and stormed off.[11]

That night Sarah ran home and told her parents that Jordan had been kidnapped by Morgan Edge and that Sam Lane was injured. They drove back to Sam’s wrecked truck, helped Jon and Sam out of the car and patched up their injuries. They took Jon and Sam back to town and found the townspeople protesting the DoD. Faced with the choice to either leave or stay and help, the Cushings decided to stay. Sam asked them to help convince the people of Smallville to evacuate.

Kyle rescued a woman from a burning building during the chaos of the evacuation, and Lana helped people take shelter from Edge’s energy waves. Lana regained the affection fo the townspeople and reconciled with Emily.[12]