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Lana Lang is the Mayor of Smallville.[1] She is Clark Kent's best friend and they briefly dated in high school. She knows that he is secretly Superman.[2]

Early Life

Lana Lang grew up in Smallville. Her mother was abusive and she swore that if she ever had children she would be different.[3] During their high school years, she was the girlfriend of Clark Kent and a close friend of Pete Ross. One night shortly before graduation the three of them got into a car crash, just after Lana told Clark that she loved him. Lana woke up mysteriously unscathed ten feet from the wreck, just one of many strange occurrences that happened in those days. Clark disappeared for years shortly after that.[4] When he returned he hoped to rekindle his relationship with Lana, but she had already moved on and was engaged to Kyle Cushing.[5]

Eventually, Lana became a mortgage manager in the Smallville Bank; she and Kyle married and had two daughters, Sarah and Sophie.

Season One

After the death of Martha Kent, Lana attended her funeral with all of her family where she met again Clark and his wife, Lois.

A few days later, Lana explained to Clark that his mother had a debt with the Smallville Bank. She offered him to buy his farm or pay off the debt: much to her surprise, her former boyfriend agreed with her to repay his mother's loan and move to Smallville with his family.[6]

Although Lana tried to put on a brave face for the world, in reality her family was falling apart. She and Kyle slept in separate rooms, Sophie was bullying other children at school and Sarah had attempted suicide the year before. Lana forced Sarah to attend regular therapy while also keeping it a secret from the town, and their relationship was rocky. Sarah quit the school's cheerleading squad, which Lana coached, and walked out in the middle of practice. After school she and Lana had a public fight where Sarah chastised her mother for denying and hiding their family's problems rather than confronting them. That night the two tentatively reconciled and Sarah assured Lana that if she ever felt suicidal she would talk to her.[7]

Kyle was campaigning for Smallville to grant the rights to the disused Shuster mines to Morgan Edge, hoping he would bring employment and investment to the struggling town. Edge toured the town hosted by Kyle and invited the couple to dinner after he met Lana. During dinner he interrogated her about her choice to work at a low level job in her hometown when her education and skills could have allowed her a more prestigious career elsewhere. Lana was disturbed by his questioning and upset that Kyle did not seem to notice or care about her discomfort.[8]

Edge was granted the mining rights and to the Cushing's surprise, hired Lana to head up operations in Smallville. Kyle was initially disappointed that he was not offered the job in return for his advocacy, but he was proud of Lana and their relationship began to slowly recover. Lois approached the Cushings and asked them to collect information on Edge Enercorp from the inside, and they both initially refused. However, Lana agreed to help when Sarah was abducted by Tag Harris, a teenager who was given superpowers after an accident at the mines, and Lois informed her that she believed Edge was involved in a project to give people powers for some nefarious purpose.[9] Edge asked Lana to recruit five people for an alleged leadership training program, and implied that she should select Kyle as a candidate. Lana feared that the program may be part of Edge's superpowers project and kept Kyle out of it, so Edge instead recruited an old friend of hers named Emily Phan behind Lana's back.[10]

Lana bumped into Emily in the office and she mentioned going through a mysterious “process”, which she assumed Lana had also been through. Lana attempted to quiz Emily about the process but they were interrupted by Edge's assistant Leslie Larr, who took her to Edge's office. Edge told her that he knew she was feeding information to Lois and invited her to go through the same process as Emily, but she rejected it.

That night at Smallville High's musical revue, Emily uncharacteristically got up and left without a word in the middle of her daughter's performance. Kyle followed her, claiming he would ask he what she was doing. Lana reported this unusual behavior to Lois, but Lois cut their call short when her home was attacked by Emily and another man, possessed by Kryptonian consciousnesses. Later that night, Kyle came home claiming to have woken up in a field with bruised ribs and no idea how he got there, unable to remember anything that happened after he left the school, and told Lana he had accepted Edge's offer to join the program.[11]

Sarah assumed Kyle was drunk and stormed out when Lana defended him. As Kyle and Lana were talking, Lois came to the house, which activated the Kryptonian consciousness within Kyle. He attacked them but Lois overpowered him with a chunk of Kryptonite. Kyle was held by the Department of Defense and tortured for information with Kryptonite, eventually giving up the location of the transformation chamber.

Dabney Donovan, the scientist who performed the transformation procedure, did not have the knowledge or understanding of the alien technology to reverse it, the only person who could would be it's inventor: Superman's mother Lara Lor-Van. Lana volunteered to be the host for Lara's consciousness and Lara used Lana's body to modify the Eradicator to reverse Edge's procedure. Superman used the modified Eradicator to restore all the Subjekts to normal, and Lana reunited with Kyle and Sarah.[12] The Cushings were ostracised by the town, who blamed Kyle and Lana for what had happened, but this shared adversity brought the family closer together.[13]

With the closure of the mines Lana lost her job and began looking for a new one, but found it difficult. Kyle and Sarah became disillusioned with the people of Smallville after they turned on the family and Kyle even suggested moving, but Lana still had faith in the town, and the Mayor assured the Cushings that he would help them. However, when Lana went to pick Sarah up from the police station, she overheard Mayor Dean talking to the Sheriff and placing the whole blame for Edge coming to town on Kyle. She confronted the Mayor for trying to scapegoat her family to protect himself from the political fallout, and confessed to Lois that she had devoted her whole life to Smallville, and had no contacts or prospects outside of it.[14]

The Cushings put their house on the market, but received only one offer below market value. Clark came to ask Lana to stay, as Smallville needed her now that Martha was gone. Lana admitted she did not want to leave, but did not see how her family could stay. Kyle eventually received an offer to replace the fire chief in Bristol County two hours away from Smallville, and with no other choice they decided to relocate. When they told their daughters Sarah chastised them for giving up on Smallville so easily and stormed off.[15]

That night Sarah ran home and told her parents that Jordan had been kidnapped by Morgan Edge and that Sam Lane was injured. They drove back to Sam's wrecked truck, helped Jon and Sam out of the car and patched up their injuries. They took Jon and Sam back to town and found the townspeople protesting the DoD. Faced with the choice to either leave or stay and help, the Cushings decided to stay. Sam asked them to help convince the people of Smallville to evacuate. Kyle rescued a woman from a burning building during the chaos of the evacuation, and Lana helped people take shelter from Edge's energy waves. Lana regained the affection of the townspeople and reconciled with Emily.[16]

Season Two

Lana began working as the campaign manager for Daniel Hart, a candidate attempting to unseat Mayor Dean.[17] However, Daniel was a weak candidate and soon dropped out of the race, so Lana decided to run herself.[18] Lana felt uncomfortable running a traditional campaign and found it difficult to establish trust with voters due to her affiliation with Edge and having sold reverse mortgages to many citizens which later drove them into bankruptcy, although Lana was unaware that the reverse mortgages were designed to be debt traps. Lana planned to end her campaign but Sarah had an idea about another way to reach voters and got Lana to livestream herself making dinner and invite people to ask her questions in the comments, which proved successful.[19]

Emily warned Lana that Mayor Dean was digging into her family's past and had been asking questions about Sarah. Lana and Kyle were worried that Dean would reveal Sarah's suicide attempt and cause her to backslide into depression. However, Sarah assured them she had overcome the problems that led her to try to kill herself and she was not afraid. While they were out at dinner Lana and Kyle encountered the Mayor and confronted him, and they both mutually agreed to leave each other's children out of the campaign.[20]

At Sarah's quinceanera party, she had a panic attack during the father-daughter dance and ran out. Kyle and Lana followed her and Sarah revealed that she had seen Kyle talking to a woman named Tanya and learned that they had had an affair. Lana was furious but told Sarah not to let what had happened ruin her night and they went back inside, where Lana gave a speech telling Sarah how much she loved her, and how her daughter's strength inspired her.[21]

Kyle did not come home that night, and the next day Lana met with Clark to talk about what happened. She asked him what he would do if he learned that Lois had cheated on him and he replied that it would depend on the circumstances, but that he would always love Lois no matter what. Lana then went to Tanya's bar and confronted her. Tanya told her that Kyle had broken things off when Sarah had attempted suicide. Lana went to the firehouse and told Kyle that she was no longer sure if she loved or even knew him anymore, and that he had ended his affair to prevent it hurting their children but not to prevent it hurting her. She asked Kyle to move out.[22] As their daughters wanted to maintain a relationship with Kyle, they agreed to a co-parenting arrangement.

When Emily Phan had to cancel a debate prep session shortly before Lana's first debate with Mayor Dean, she asked Kyle to help as nobody else was available. Kyle told her that, as the debate would be moderated by one of Dean's friends, he would likely focus on their family issues and encouraged her to practice question related to his affair. This allowed them to clear the air between them. Kyle also told Lana that he had moved into an apartment, indicating that he did not expect Lana to take him back.[23]

Lana performed well in the debate, and after another month of campaigning, won the election with fifty-three percent of the vote.[1] That night she bumped into Clark, who had been out of town for a month supposedly on a journalistic assignment. She tried to talk to him but Clark was acting strange and distracted, seemed eager to end the conversation and did not congratulate her on her victory. She was hurt and confused and went home.

The next morning, Sarah planned to go with Lana to her new office, but Lana revealed that she and Kyle had bought Sarah her own car and sent her on ahead by herself. Shortly after Sarah left, Jon-El broke into her home, knocked her unconscious and kidnapped her. She woke up in an abandoned slaughterhouse with Jon-El, who she believed was her world's Jonathan Kent under the influence of X-Kryptonite. Superman came to save her, but Jonathan set off a bomb that left Superman with shards of Kryptonite embedded in his chest and left. Lana pulled the Kryptonite out of Superman and he flew off, promising to come back to free her.

After Jon-El was defeated, Superman returned and took her home. He told Lana that the boy who had kidnapped her was not Jonathan Kent, but a twisted version of him from a parallel universe. Lana decided to keep the day's events a secret to protect the Kents despite Superman telling her she didn't have to. Soon afterwards, Clark came to her and revealed that he was Superman.[2] Lana was stunned that he had kept such a secret from her for most of their lives and simply left.

The next day, after she had had time to process her feelings, Lois texted her and asked to meet. Lana went to the Kent Farm and told Lois that while she was hurt by what Clark did she understood it and wasn't angry with him. However, she was angry with Lois, as she had deliberately sought her out to become friends with her, and eventually become her confidant but had lied to her from the moment they met. She told Lois that their relationship was over and stormed out.

Later that day Lois came to her office and apologised for keeping secrets from her. Lois admitted that she had not had a real friend in a long time and hadn't wanted to tell her the truth as it would have changed things between them. She told Lana that she would tell her everything, starting with the fact that Jordan had powers, and she had a doppleganger in a parallel universe who wanted to harm her. That night, Lana planned to tell Sarah the truth about Jordan, but when she realised that would require swearing her to secrecy and making her lie to everyone around her, including her father and sister, she decided against it. Lois and Clark came to her house and asked to speak with her about the potential danger she was in. Lana told them that she would eventually forgive them but also asked them to stay away from her and her family.[4]

The next day, Lana discovered that Sarah had been writing songs in private and Kyle had taken her to perform them in public. Lana was initially happy and proud of her, but became angry when she learned that Kyle had taken Sarah to Tanya's bar. Later that day Jordan came to her office and begged her to let him tell Sarah the truth, but she refused and told him that Sarah would never be safe if he was part of her life. Later that day Kyle came to see her, hoping to smooth things over between her and Sarah, but Lana admitted that the real reason she had been upset with Sarah is that she felt overwhelmed by all the secrets in her life and worried that every choice she had made recently was the wrong one. Kyle assured her that she was a good person and he trusted that she always had the best intentions. He suggested that they and their daughters have dinner together and Lana agreed.[24]

A few days later, a mysterious broadcast appeared on the family's TV, showing a strange woman lit in red light declaring that "the worlds" were about to merge. When they went outside, they saw a second, red, cube-shaped sun in the sky. The DoD claimed that the double suns were an optical illusion, which the people of Smallville were sceptical of. Lois and Chrissy Beppo met with Lana and told her that the government's claims were a lie, and revealed the truth that their world was being forcibly merged with another. Lana asked Lois if there was anything "Superman" could do and Lois told her that Ally had attacked him and stolen his powers. Lois and Chrissy told Lana that it was up to her to decide if she would reveal the truth to the townspeople or keep it secret to avoid panic.

While Lana was agonising over the decision Kyle came to see her. Lana asked him if it was better to know that something terrible was coming or to remain blissfully ignorant. Kyle told her that it depended on whether she was trying to protect others or herself by not telling the truth. He admitted that he hadn't had the courage to admit the truth about his affair to her, but he believed that she was strong enough to deal with the consequences of sharing a terrible secret.

Lana called a town hall meeting and told the townspeople what she had learned and warned them that dopplegangers from the other world would soon start appearing and should be avoided at all costs. They did not believe her and George Dean used it as an opportunity to attack her, particularly when he she said that Superman had lost his powers and would not save them. Clark showed up as Superman and told them that everything Lana said was true and the people should listen to her. Lana told everyone to go home and shelter with their families.

Sarah went off with Jordan during the meeting so when it was over Lana stayed behind to pick her up and asked Kyke to take Sophie home. She told him she would meet him there, letting him back into the family home. Lana found Sarah and told her to come home, but suddenly Lana's doppleganger from the other world appeared. Jordan yelled at them to run, his eyes glowing red, and Sarah and Lana fled home.

When they got home, Sarah realised that Lana had not been surprised by Jordan's powers. She figured out that Lana already knew about them and had found out when she disappeared on her first day in office. Sarah confronted Lana about keeping what she knew about Jordan from her and Lana told her that she could not tell anyone what she had learned. Just as they started to argue about it their house began to change around them and Kyle disappeared.[25] Lana took Sarah and Sophie out to look for Kyle, braving the chaos as people and objects randomly switched between the two worlds.

Kyle had been transported to the other world but returned and reunited with them. Clark was able to regain his powers and undo the merge. At a celebration afterwards Clark and Lana reconciled, and Clark promised to be totally honest with her going forwards. Kyle hoped that after what they had been through together he and Lana could resume their relationship, but she told him that although she would always care for him and he would always be part of her life, they could never go back to how things were. She told him that he needed to stop hoping that they would be together again one day as it wasn't fair to either of them.[26]

Season Three

Lana and Kyle initiated divorce proceedings but, even after they agreed terms she was unable to find the time to sign the divorce papers, as Mayor Dean's mismanagement had left Smallville's municipal government in chaos. A month after Clark prevented the worlds from merging, a serious black mould problem was discovered at the high school. There was no money in the budget to fix the problem, requiring Lana to use money which Dean had previously earmarked for some unknown purpose. Dane showed up uninvited to the Kent twins' birthday party and told her to put the money back. He refused to explain why and told her that she didn't know what she was doing, but she stood up to him, saying she was the mayor, not him. Dean left, but warned Lana that this wasn't over.[27]

Smallville High School was shut down due to the mould and Sarah told Lana she was going to spend the day at her friend Natalie's house. Just as Sarah left the house, Lana received a call from Dean with loud noise in the background. He told Kana he was in trouble and it was all about the "pride of Smallville". The call suddenly cut off with the sound of an explosion. Dean was later found dead and Kyle told her that his wounds resembled a shotgun blast but the paramedics could not find any pellets. Lana went to the Irons' house to tell Sarah what had happened but Natalie's father John Henry Irons told her that the girls had gone to a party in Metropolis and he had assumed Sarah had her permission. Lana wanted to go to Metropolis to get Sarah but John Henry told her that they would be back by midnight and invited Lana to stay for dinner, which she accepted.

As they were eating, Lana told John Henry about Dean's death and remembered seeing "pride of Smallville" stamped on the seal in the mayor's office. They went to city hall to investigate and found a thumb drive hidden behind the seal. They loaded the drive into Lana's laptop but before they could look at any of the files, they were attacked by a masked metahuman, who stole the drive and destroyed the computer. Lana recognised the noise that the attacker created as the sound she had heard in the background of Dean's call before he was killed.[28]

Lana grounded Sarah for going to the party without permission, although her friends were not punished by their families, which Sarah resented. She also asked John Henry to install new security systems in her home and office, which Sarah told Kyle about. Kyle came to see her at her office, ostensibly to check on her after the attack, but Lana quickly realised he was trying to gauge if she and John Henry were in a relationship and told him to leave. That evening Lana, who was still irritated, told Sarah to watch what she said around her father. This sparked an argument between them which culminated in Lana slapping Sarah when Sarah blamed Kyle's infidelity on Lana's bossy attitude. Lana immediately regretted it and tried to apologise but Sarah ran up to her room. She tried to talk to Sarah through her bedroom door, but Sarah had already snuck out of the house and gone into town to find Kyle.[3]

The next morning Lana repeatedly texted and called Sarah but she did not answer. Kyle came to the house to confront her about hitting Sarah and, while they both agreed that hitting Sarah had been unacceptable, he agreed to help Lana apologise when he learned Sarah had blamed Lana for Kyle cheating on her. They met at the diner that evening where Lana asked Sarah to forgive her and promised she would never hit her again. Sarah apologised for what she said and agreed to come home, but would not let Lana take her hand when she reached for her.[29]

Three weeks later, Lana and Sarah were confronted by Dean's son George Dean, Jr., who accused her of stealing the election and trying to erase his father's legacy by quickly moving on from his death rather than memorialise the good he had done for the town. Later, Lana met with Chrissy Beppo, who was doing a story on the delays to the construction of Smallville's new town hall. Chrissy told her that, as the truth about Dean's corruption had not been revealed, there was still a lot of affection for him among the townspeople and a lot of them were upset at Lana's muted response to his death. She offered to publish proof of Dean's embezzlement.

That night, Lana chaperoned Smallville High's Valentine dance, and announced that the mould was almost cleared out and the school would be reopening shortly. Lana went looking for Sarah, who was not in the venue, and found her outside drinking with George Junior. Lana was initially angry but calmed down when Sarah told her that she was comforting Junior over losing his father. Lana decided that Dean's family and Smallville deserved to remember him as a good man and told Chrissy she didn't want to go public with his corruption. She named the new town hall the "George Dean Memorial Town Hall" to give the town closure over his death.[30]

One weekend, Lana was overwhelmed with work and unable to spare the time to look after the girls. She asked Kyle to watch them, however he left them unsupervised and Sophie wandered off on her own while Sarah was studying with Jon Kent. They didn't realise she was gone until Lana went to Kyle's apartment an hour later. They split up to look for Sophie and Lana went to check the general store, suspecting that Sophie may have gone there to read comics and lost track of time. She found Kyle at the store and told him that Sophie had disappeared and asked where he had been. Kyle made a weak excuse and Lana noticed Chrissy Beppo trying to hide from her nearby. She realised that they were seeing each other and Kyle had left the girls alone to be with Chrissy. Lana was furious and stormed off. Jon and Sarah found Sophie and convinced her to come home. Lana and Sarah both apologised to Sophie for making her feel left out and promised to make more time for her.[31]

Chrissy and Kyle went public with their relationship. Lana was bothered, although she pretended not to be, because it felt like everyone had moved on since the divorce but she hadn't. A few days later, John Henry came to her office to ask for her advice, as he had just met Natalie's new boyfriend for the first time and had been confrontational and aggressive to the point that Natalie had stormed out. John admitted that, although he had only wanted Natalie to live like a normal teenager, he didn't know how to handle it now that she was. John Henry and Lana went to the theatre to meet Natalie and saw her and the boy kissing. John almost broke it up, but held back when Lana told him to, then calmed down and went over to apologise. Lana also saw Sarah and Chrissy leaving the theatre together and enjoying themselves. She quickly went home, hoping they had not seen her. However, Sarah noticed her and, when she came home, asked Lana why she had run away. Lana admitted her feelings and she and Sarah found catharsis by setting off an entire box of fireworks at once.[32]

Lana invited Sarah to come with her to a The Cure concert which she and Kyle had bought tickets for before the divorce. Sarah refused as she was not a fan of their music, to Lana's disappointment. While Lana was having lunch in the diner Sam Lane came in, having just missed his first date in thirty years. They got to talking and Sam admitted that he hadn't dated since his ex-wife left as he was afraid of being hurt again. When he asked her why she was alone on a Saturday night she told him that she was also afraid of getting her heart broken after her husband cheated on her. Sam got called away and He left to return to the DoD, but before he went he told Lana that he hadn't enjoyed spending his life alone and that she should find someone to go to the concert with. When she got home she found Sarah waiting for her, who had realised that Lana had invited her to the concert because she had wanted to spend time with her. They danced to The Cure together.[33]

Lana organsied a clothing drive for the Harvest Festival and Lois donated many of her clothes, including a beautiful and expensive ballgown which Clark had traded his entire baseball collection to buy for her years ago. Lana realised that Lois was struggling emotionally with her upcoming double mastectomy and went to talk with her. Lois told Lana that she had long been insecure about her breasts, and had only just started to become comfortable with her body when she learned she had cancer. She also admitted that she was afraid that losing her breasts, and her lack on interest in sex due to the chemotherapy, may ruin her marriage; but Lana assured her that Clark would always love her no matter what. They made plans to go to a restaurant called Bazoombas where the waitresses wore tight tank-tops before her surgery.[34]

The supervillain Atom-Man attacked John Henry Irons on Smallville's main street. Their fight, and Superman's involvement, lead to significant damage before John was able to kill Atom-Man. Kiera Wexler, the Governor of Kansas and Lana's political idol, came to visit the town. They got along well and the Governor told Lana that she was taking note of her. However, that evening while they were eating in the diner together, Kyle came in and quietly told Lana that Sarah had wrecked her car and been arrested for DUI. Lana excused herself but the governor realised what was happening and left in a hurry.

They both yelled at her for what she had done but when Kyle accused her of still not telling the truth about what had happened, Sarah told Lana that Kyle believed she had been saved from the crash by a "superhero". Lana realised that she was talking about Jordan Kent and also covered for him, claiming that what Kyle was saying made no sense. He stormed off in frustration.[35] Kyle went to the Kent's home, convinced that Jon was the one with powers, and Clark was eventually forced to reveal that he was Superman.

The next day, Lana and Sarah joined the Kents and John Henry and Natalie for dinner the night before Lois's surgery. Early the next morning, Lana found Sarah in the kitchen, having stayed up all night. Sarah Lana that Jordan was right to hate her and that her life was over, as her DUI would prevent her getting into college. Lana recognised that Sarah was crumbling in a way she hadn't seen since her suicide attempt and tried to convince her to see her therapist, but Sarah refused.

Lana went to Kyle's apartment and told him what had happened, and asked for his help with Sarah. They all met together and Kyle told Sarah how his own drinking problems started when he was her age, and that he had been able to start getting his life back on track when he found purpose in life as a firefighter and a father. He advised her to take a waitress job at the diner as a first step.[36]

Sarah told Lana that Junior was spreading the story of how Jordan saved them around school, and Jordan was enthusiastically boasting about what a hero the mysterious saviour was. Lana was shocked at Jordan's cavalier attitude to his family's secret and told Lois and Clark that he was enjoying the attention too much. Sarah was upset with Lana for telling the Kents what she had told her, as Jordan blamed her for getting him in trouble. That day the town was almost hit by a tornado but Clark and Jordan stopped it. Jordan was caught on camera and his existence was broadcast to the world. When Sarah came home, she told Lana she was exhausted by it all and Lana asked her what she would do if she could choose anything, like Sarah had asked her before they set off the fireworks. Sarah asked to colour her hair, wanting a break with the past.[37]

A month after the tornado, John Henry Irons asked Lana out on a date and she accepted. Later that day, Kyle told Lana and the girls that Chrissy was pregnant. Lana, who had wanted a third child, was stunned but told Kyle she was happy for him. During their date that evening, John Henry told her that Sam had just offered him a job with the DoD and he was planning to move to Metropolis, meaning they had no serious future. They went back to his house and had sex. Afterwards they went into town to watch a meteor shower and saw Kyle propose to Chrissy in front of the whole town. Although Lana had come to believe that she and Kyle were better as friends than married, she was shocked that he would ask another woman to marry him so soon after the divorce.[38]




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