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In their youth, Lana Lang was Clark's best friend; she was the first person Clark confides in about his superpowers.

She mentioned she had a crush on him since the age of three. They dated in high school.

Lana, as an adult, became a world-famous fashion designer. She still retained some romantic feelings for her old friend. While Clark and Lois covered her fashion show, Clark mentioned to Lois Lane that he and Lana used to date. Lana deduced Superman's identity, a fact which she revealed to him after he saved her life when she was pushed from a multi-story building.

Clark warned her that Lex was a danger, but Lana assures Clark she could take care of herself. Due to Lana's history and friendship with Clark, she often spoke of him fondly, which upset her new boyfriend Lex. Lana stubbornly refused to see Superman the way Lex did, which lead Lex to back down, but still maintain his resentment for the Man of Steel. Soon after, Lana overheard Lex in a conversation about selling weapons and she realized that Clark was right about Lex. She passed the conversation along onto Superman. When she tried to get more information on Lex's nefarious activities, she was caught and captured by Lex's bodyguard, Mercy. She was almost killed by one of Lex's henchmen, however she was again rescued by Superman. She decided to leave the crime fighting to Clark and stick to fashion designs. Before she departed for her next show in Paris, she assured Clark that he could stop by to talk, anytime he wants.

Sometime later after Lana returns from Paris, she had another fashion show in Metropolis. At that show, the Toyman attacked. He was after Lana's latest model, Darcy, who turned out to be a robot. Lana tried to aid Darcy, with the help of Superman. However, when Lana discovered Darcy's true nature, Lana tried to stop her. During the fight, Darcy accidentally set the office on fire and fled, leaving Lana trapped in the blaze. Superman rescued Lana. With Lana's knowledge, he could defeat both Toyman and Darcy.

When "Clark Kent" seemingly died in a car crash, he turned to Lana to help him provide a cover story. He used her apartment to recuperate.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Lana Lang is a capable combatant, to the extent that she can hold her own against an automaton for a limited amount of time.
  • Fashion Design: Lana is a skilled and sought after fashion designer.


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