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Lana Lang is an overweight, middle-aged woman, and The Daily Planet's managing editor.

She fiercely defends Batman's vigilantism and is one of his most outspoken supporter. She appeared in a series of TV debates in which she and others argue over his methods and influence.

Once was with an obnoxious critic named Morrie, who insinuated that Batman was a murderer and called him a de facto hero, Lana quickly corrected him, by telling him that Batman did not kill anyone. Morrie then retracted his statement, somewhat, but still continued his belief that Batman was in fact a criminal.

Although not shown, it can be assumed that Lana share history with Clark Kent and is aware of both his and Bruce Wayne's secret identities.

In the animated adaption of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Lana Lang was voiced by Paget Brewster.



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