Lana Lang of the Pocket Universe was a friend of Superboy.

Sometime after Superboy's disappearance from the Pocket Universe, Pete Ross along with Lana Lang attended the funeral of Ma and Pa Kent (Superboy's foster parents) when they encountered Lex Luthor, who was in search of Superboy himself.

Some years later Lana had a relationship with Lex, who in this universe was a benevolent scientist. However, Lana was killed when three Kryptonian criminals escaped the Phantom Zone, and tried to take over that reality's Earth. There was no Superman in this reality (his younger self, Superboy, having died before the criminals' escape) but there was a Lex Luthor who hadn't gone bad. To save the world, Lex put his scientific genius to use in aiding the defense of humanity, creating a resistance team that included non-powered versions of Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, Pete Ross and Oliver Queen. Using an artificial lifeform called the "protoplasmic matrix," Lex also created a red-headed woman who resembled his true love, the deceased alternate reality Lana Lang, even having Lana's memories due to her synaptic pathways being copied into the lifeform. This Lex had also patterned her physiology to resemble Superman's, whom he had seen using one of his many inventions to look into the mainstream universe. This created lifeform would become Supergirl.

Before passing away, Lex revealed to Superman that Supergirl was really a protoplasmic matrix that he brought to life, given powers and the memories of Lana Lang who died.



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