Lana Lang is the centaur Oracle, an ally of Superman.

Lana Lang has gone to Europe for some reason. But Superman can't go to Europe to find her. It seems there's no Kryptonite in this Universe and Superman is injured due to magic-based attacks, which is the first time he's been hurt. Clark was conflicted because while he loved Lana, he was torn over saving her and sacrificing billion of lives in the process. He and Lois argued intensely over what he should do.

However, he was later turned into a wild centaur and Lana had to profess her love for him and reminded him of how he really was to save him. It worked and Clark remembered who he was and calmed down. However, he was still a centaur and felt bad about all the things that he had done. Lana tries to reassure him that it wasn't his fault, but Clark was unwilling to forgive himself. Lana was later also turned into a centaur on also become an oracle (with vast knowledge). Lana and Clark embraced and he told her he loves her. The two spent the rest of their lives together.


As a Oracle Lana possess vast knowledge. She admits to Clark, sometimes too much.



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