Lance Gallant was the "mystery man" who operated under the name Captain Triumph during World War II, given superhuman powers by a fusion of his spirit with that of his deceased brother Michael's by touching the T-shaped birthmark on his left wrist. After the war, however, he retired his identity and became a wealthy millionaire, seeking his own fame and fortune, though he was constantly bothered by Michael's spirit wanting to live again through Lance as Captain Triumph.

Lance helped support Tex Thompson's political campaign and through his associations met Paula Brooks, a former criminal known as the Tigress who had reformed and was given amnesty in return for her allegiance to Thompson's cause. Gallant fell in love with Brooks and the two of them had an affair together, despite Michael's suspicious warnings that she was a loose woman.

In 1949, however, Tex Thompson's lover Joan Dale (Miss America) came to Brooks and Gallant one night with a locked diary that she secreted from Thompson's desk, feeling rather troubled about him. Brooks used a bobby pin to pick the diary's lock, and in it discovered that not only was Tex Thompson actually the Ultra-Humanite, but also that Dynaman was really Adolf Hitler's brain put inside Daniel Dunbar's body prior to its transformation.

At a rally in Washington, D.C. in 1950 where all costumed superheroes were to appear by Presidential decree to show their loyalty, Joan Dale publicly exposed Tex Thompson as being the Ultra-Humanite and attempted to also expose Dynaman as being Adolf Hitler in Daniel Dunbar's body when the Ultra-Humanite had Robert Crane (Robotman) silence her by murdering her in public. Brooks attempted to avenge Dale's death by taking on Robotman in her Tigress identity, but found herself overmatched, though she managed to shoot an arrow into one of his electric eyes. Gallant bravely confronted Robotman alone without using his Captain Triumph abilities to do so, though it cost him his life as he fatally electrocuted both himself and Robotman.


By touching the T-shaped birthmark on his left wrist, Lance Gallant's spirit would fuse with his dead brother Michael's to become Captain Triumph, giving him superhuman abilities. However, during the entire story of The Golden Age, Lance never used this ability.


Skilled fighter.

  • This version of the character is native to the JSA: The Golden Age series of stories.



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