Quote1.png Lance Heart... spoiled rich kid from Gotham who had it all, except the love of his father Andrew Heart. The elder Heart sought to compensate with extravagant gifts and the occasional family counseling. While Lance looked for emotional release in extreme sports, his father played the stock market. Though suspected of insider trading he was never convicted of any such shady dealing. That is until Lance ran away and discrepancies started showing up in his father's bank accounts. Quote2.png
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Lance Heart was a Robin for Batman-impersonator Charles Nigaff.

Lance Heart was a rich Gotham kid who ran away from home while stealing a large sum from his father to financially support a criminal Batman imitator whose "soldiers" Lance had run away to join. Following the murder of Chris Ward "Batman" promoted Lance to become his next "Robin".

Lance instigated the attack and murder of the homeless man known as Roach when Batman's soldiers came across him in the sewers, though his girlfriend Monica was the one to actually murder the man. Lance was killed trying to retrieve a package that his "Batman" knew was worthless but had ensured most criminals on the Eastern Seaboard had heard of and were therefore fighting to acquire.





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