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Lance O'Casey was an independent sea-rover, master of his own ship, who visited many unusual corners of the world.

In the 1940s, Lance O'Casey roved the South Seas, on a series of sail-powered brigs and schooners, always with a very small crew, one of whom was a monkey. He encountered a wide variety of unusual cultures and dangerous situations.

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O'Casey served as an intelligence officer during the Second World War.[1]

In 1950 Lance O'Casey became a newspaper correspondent.[2]


  • Seamanship
  • Animal Training: O'Casey's First Mate for several years was an extremely clever monkey named Mr. Hogan, who could operate an amazing variety of machinery and equipment.



  • O'Casey often carried a six-shooter in a quick-draw holster.

  • Lance O'Casey smoked cigarettes.[3]