Hardbody was a member of Gen14.

Lance is one the 14th generation of super-powered beings created by Tabula Rasa. He and his Gen14 teammates were meant to act as breeding stock for Gen13. After Armageddon, the Tabula Rasa facilities were taken over by the remnants of the United States government. Gen13 is only one of the super-powered groups the government is after. Lance was repeatedly cloned and used for target practice.

Eventually, Lance and Gen14 confronted and fought Gen13, but ultimately defected to Gen13. Lance traveled and fought alongside with Gen13 throughout their journey. During their travel in Idaho, Lance and Gen13 were captured by rogue robots from the Church of Gort, whom they planned on sacrificing the teens. Fortunately, Lance changes into a machine and fools the robots into thinking he's their messiah. He allowed his friends to be spared, but decided to stay with the robots to change their ways from killing humans and giving them a sense of hope before finding a way to reunite with his team sometime in the future.[1]


  • Augmented Strength
  • Augmented Stamina: prevents fatigue.
  • Hardened Dermal Density: bulletproof skin.



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