Lar-Gand, also known as Mon-El, was a Daxamite member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Wanderers.


Lar Gand was born on Daxam in the 20th century. He was a seeker who studied forbidden lore. Lar discovered the fate of Krypton and tracked down the rocket sent right before the planet exploded. He ended up in Smallville (without memories) and met Clark Kent who thought that they may be brothers (since Lar had spoken something about Krypton and Jor-El, and has displayed powers similar to Clark). Thinking him kin, Clark offered Lar to fashion a temporary name for himself, Mon-El ("Mon" for Monday, the day he came to Earth, "El" for Clark's real name, Kal-El).[1]

The Legion of Super-Heroes

In the 30th century, Mon-El, was saved from the Phantom Zone by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Brainiac 5, the Legion's resident genius, administered a cure for lead poisoning which allowed him his mobility. With the team, he had many adventures.

He was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone again by the Justice League of Earth[2]. He was freed by the team around the time Superboy-Prime attacked the heroes with an expanded Legion of Super-Villains[3]. However, his time in the Phantom Zone reset his physiology, meaning that Brainiac 5 had to re-administer the anti-lead serum.


  • Solar Radiation Absorption: Born under the influence of Daxam's red sun, the ultra solar rays of Earth's yellow sun can super-energize his brain and five senses to give him other, non-muscular, super-powers, such as super-senses and mental powers, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, super-hearing, super-memory and super-calculations.
    • Invulnerability Also, yellow-sun rays, which only tan Earth people's skin, harden Mon-El's skin like steel. Neither radium rays, nor lightning, nor fire can harm him, making him virtually invulnerable.
    • Enhanced Senses
      • Enhanced Hearing
      • Telescopic Vision
      • Microscopic Vision
      • X-ray Vision: Ordinary x-rays cannot penetrate Mon-El's body. Mon-El's x-ray vision is either invisible to the eye or glows yellow.
      • Heat Vision: Mon-El can survive in the core of Earth's sun, and in fact, he can turn his heat vision up to the "Nth degree", which is many times hotter than the sun's core. His heat-vision glows red.



  • Vision Limitation: Mon-El's x-ray vision cannot penetrate lead or lead-lined walls. It also cannot penetrate inertron, the most indestructible substance in the 31st century universe. The heat of his x-ray vision cannot melt lead, unless it is a very thin lining.
  • Vulnerability to Magic: Mon-El is also vulnerable to magic.
  • Vulnerability to Lead: Unlike Kryptonians, whose super-powers are driven from them by the radioactive remnants of their home world, a Daxamite's major weakness is his vulnerability to lead, which does not exist on their planet. Another difference is that, while Green Kryptonite can eventually kill Kryptonians after prolonged exposure, once it is removed the pain eases and the Kryptonian's strength and powers eventually return to him/her. For Mon-El, any exposure to lead causes pain and weakness permanently, even after he is taken to safety.



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