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Lara is the wife of Jor-El and mother of Clark Kent.

She married Jor-El at some point prior to the destruction of Kandor by Black Zero.[1] During the war against General Zod, Lara discovered that she pregnant. However, as they feared that this war would be the end of Krypton, Lara and her husband came up with a plan to send their child to Earth, saving him.[2]

Being unsure about the family that Jor-El had chosen, Lara used the last open portal to travel to Earth in 1986, to check up on the Kent family. What she didn't realize was that her niece Kara had followed her. Kara's presence prompted the appearance of Zor-El, who revealed to Lara his plan to save his life and hers. What happened next is unknown. What is known is that Lara, Kara and Zor-El returned to Krypton, where Lara gave birth to her son, Kal-El.[2]

As they had planned Lara and Jor-El sent Kal-El on a spaceship to Earth, when Krypton was destroyed.[3] What they hadn't planned on was what happened two decades later, when Kal-El (now known as "Clark Kent") put a crystal made by Zor-El into the Fortress of Solitude. It caused the creation of a Lara clone and the apparent transference of her consciousness from the destruction of Krypton to modern-day Earth. Lara was happily reunited with her son and niece.[4]

What they soon realized was that the same thing that had happened to Lara and happened to Zor-El, who now posed a threat to humanity. Things got more complicated when Lara gave Clark a ring that had belonged to Jor-El, not realizing that it contained Blue Kryptonite, which robs Kryptonians of their abilities. Lara was taken to the Fortress by Zor-El, with Clark following them. As it was the only way to stop Zor-El and restore Clark's abilities, Lara convinced Clark to destroy the crystal. After he'd done that, the clone bodies of Lara and Zor-El were dissolved.[4]



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