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Lara was the mother of Superman.

Like her husband Jor-El, Lara was a successful scientist on the technologically advanced world known as Krypton. Some time after her marriage to Jor-El, Lara gave birth to her only son, Kal-El. The three lived in peace in Krypton's capital city.

Within a short span of time, Jor-El discovered that increased solar flare activity from Krypton's red sun threatened to consume the entire world. He pleaded his case to the Kryptonian Science Council, but the ineffective bureaucrats failed to recognize the urgency of Jor-El's claims. Lara and he began development on an experimental teleportation device. It was their intent to transport whole cities through space to a safe region on a surrogate planet. Without the support of the Science Council however, their work progressed slowly. Laboring within a finite timeframe, they created a small, prototype transmitter device. However, it was only capable of transporting objects that weighed less than fifty Kryptonian pounds. Lara and Jor-El both decided to use the prototype to save their infant son. Lara placed Kal-El inside the transmitter and teleported his atoms across subspace where he eventually rematerialized on a planet called Earth.

Shortly after this incident, Krypton's sun erupted with intense solar flares. The deadly radiation washed over Krypton's surface destroying everything. Lara died in the arms of her husband, content with the knowledge that her child would grow up safe on an untamed world.


Kryptonian Physiology: Under a red sun, Lara possessed no superhuman powers. If she had lived on Earth, she would have possessed powers similar to that of Superman-Prime.


Science: Lara was highly skilled in various unspecified fields of science.

  • The original character of Lara was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The Krypton-Prime version of Jor-El was created by Eliot S Maggin and Curt Swan.
  • Lara from the Earth-One continuity was once known by her full name, Lara Lor-Van. Whether the Lara from this reality possessed a similar maiden name has never been revealed.
  • Like many Kryptonian females, Lara did not take her husband's House name as a proper surname. This was a common custom to many alternate versions of Kryptonian culture.