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Lara Lor-Van was the wife of Kryptonian scientist Jor-El, the man who prophesied the destruction of Krypton.


Lara was genetically matched to her first husband Zeta-Rho, as was typical on Krypton. She met and fell in love with Jor-El and quickly left Zeta. Zeta-Rho used Lara's genetic material to create a son, Tal-Rho. Lara attempted to reach Tal, but Zeta refused to allow her to ever see him. Tal-Rho never met his mother and grew up believing she did not love him.

Lara became pregnant with her and Jor-El's son Kal-El, the first child be born naturally on Krypton in centuries. When Jor-El realised Krypton would be destroyed, Lara built a device called the Eradicator to store the consciousnesses of Krypton's people. Tal-Rho stole the Eradicator and Lara's Sunstone and fled to Earth, where he used the Eradicator and X-Kryptonite to transform humans into hosts for dead Kryptonians.

Jor-El and Lara had only enough time to together to create one rocket large enough for their son Kal-El, who they sent to earth where he was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville, Kansas; this boy would grow up to become the great American super-hero known as Superman.

The Eradicator

Years later, Lara's consciousness would be resurrected in the body of Lana Lang. Lara modified the Eradicator to reverse Tal-Rho's process, and also took the opportunity to speak to Kal-El, telling him he was happy he had found a new home and family. Kal-El used the modified Eradicator to restore the Subjekts to normal, and Lara's consciousness was removed from Lana's body.


When Kal-El began suffering mysterious seizures; he, Tal and Lara's grandson Jordan went to Tal-Rho's Fortress to run tests on him to determine the cause. Tal used Lara's Sunstone to create a hologram of her to perform the scans. The hologram was initially happy to discover that both her sons were alive and together but they revealed that they were enemies. She also learned that Tal-Rho hated her for abandoning him to Zeta's abuse, she tried to tell him that Zeta created him without her knowledge and prevented her from being with him, but he refused to believe her.

While Lara was performing the necessary scans on Kal-El he experienced another attack. Tal-Rho took the opportunity to attack him and Jordan, almost choking the boy to death. Lara begged him to stop, telling him she believed there was good in him, but after a moment's hesitation he ignored her and continue to strangle Jordan until Kal-El recovered and stopped him.

Later, Kal-El brought a duplicate of himself to the Fortress and asked Lara to run tests on him to determine where he came from. Lara was able to give the doppleganger the ability to speak coherently. He revealed that he was Kal-El's counterpart from a parallel universe and had come to kill a woman named Ally Allston, whose counterpart had conquered his world.

Kal-El had to leave the Fortress, leaving the duplicate in an energy cage. The next day, Tal-Rho and Kal-El returned, and Tal-Rho told Lara that humanity had turned on Kal-El and imprisoned him, and the two had neded to join forces to escape. Before they could question the doppleganger, known as Bizarro, further; General Anderson attacked the Fortress. He managed to overcome Kal-El and Tal-Rho with X-Kryptonite enhanced strength and shot at Kal-El with Kryptonite bullets, but Tal-Rho jumped in front of him and took the bullets for his brother.

Lara released Bizarro from his cage, asking him to protect her sons. While Bizarro fought Anderson, Lara guided Kal-El on destroying the Kryptonite with his heat vision. Tal-Rho's powers were to weak to heal him, so Kal-El carried him out of the Fortress and into space where the sun could recharge him.

Weeks later Kal-El's ally John Henry Irons brought him to the Fortress. Kal-El told her that his powers had been drained by Ally Allston and were not returning regardless of how long he spent in the sun. She diagnosed that his cells had been damaged by what Ally had done to him and lost their ability to process yellow sunlight. She told him that his cells could take years to recover, but there was a way to accelerate the process. However, before she could tell him the universes began to merge together, causing her to glitch and crash.

Kal-El was able to save the world and undo the merge. He used Lara's Sunstone to create a new Fortress in the ocean and introduced his family to her.





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