Lark was the Penguin's personal chauffeur and bodyguard.

She escorted the Penguin when he tried to recruit the brilliant engineer Harold Allnut to help defeat Batman with a special machine that allowed him to control birds.[1]

To keep Harold on their side, Penguin ordered Lark to give him a massage, but she refused as she found Harold repulsive. However, she was convinced when Penguin promised her that she could kill Harold when they no longer needed him. Afterwards, Lark escorted Penguin and Harold to his personal chalet, where Penguin planned to sell Harold's creation to international criminals. When Penguin's plan failed and Batman stopped him, Lark vanished alongside the rest of the criminals who deserted Penguin.[2]


  • Peak Human Strength: She can lift at least 700lbs with extreme effort as Batman commented that he was unable to break her grip when she was strangling him with a shower curtain.[citation needed]
  • Trained Gunman: She is also an excellent marksman, holding her own against a number of Black Mask's agents while holding the Penguin in one of her arms.[citation needed]



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