Quote1.png By the power of these sands-- by these magic words I say-- when I clasp thee in my hands-- take me from this world away! Quote2.png
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Larry Wilton is the Sandman. As the chosen one of the Dreamworld, Larry is destined to become its champion and defeat the Dreamlord.

As a child, Larry Wilton was sickly, and spent most of his life in bed. His only joy came from his mother reading him science fiction and fantasy books to him, and later when he was asleep would have dreams, always about a fairy named Melana and an evil entity trying to kill him. As the years passed, the dreams subsided, and his health improved greatly. Wilton began bodybuilding, and soon enrolled in MIT and earned a degree in astrophysics. Soon after, he became a fighter pilot, with such a good record that he was chosen to become an astronaut. However, on a mission to investigate a strange green mist in orbit over the planet, Wilton left the shuttle to fix an external fuel leak, only to be disconnected from the ship as it was hijacked and then blown up. The force threw him into the mist with a low oxygen supply; only for him to hit the ground and wake up in the same world he dreamed about as a kid. While fleeing form the Thief of Souls, he ran into Melana yet again, and transformed into the Sandman.


  • Magic: When Larry Wilton dreams he enters a fantasy world called Dreamworld. While in the Dreamworld, Larry's powers are enhanced to their maximum potential. After defeating the Dreamlord, Larry's powers were increased further.
    • Teleportation: Larry can teleport to and from the Dreamworld by chanting a magic rhyme.
    • Enhanced Senses: Larry can see demons and souls that normal humans cannot.
    • Energy Projection: Larry can banish demons using his gemstone.
    • Geokinesis: Larry has the power to turn the ground into quicksand or become a large sandstorm. He can also create dust devils in order to carry himself or others.


  • Astrophysics: Larry has a degree in astrophysics from MIT which helped him become a fighter pilot and later an astronaut.
  • Aviation: Larry was a skilled pilot before flying into space on extraordinary missions.


  • Enchanted Boots: Sandman wears enchanted boots that allow him to fly.
  • Mystic Gauntlet: Sandman wears a mystic gauntlet that allows him to become intangible.


  • Sand Gem: Sandman wears a gem on his forearm that contains the glowing sands of Dreamworld. They are the source of his magic powers.

  • Larry Wilton is also known as the Chosen One.



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