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Lars Hanscom was the first Starfinger, an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Dr. Lars Hanscom was Lightning Lad's doctor who was allegedly working to create a new organic limb to replace Lightning Lad's prosthesis. In reality Hanscom had brainwashed Garth into becoming the villain Starfinger in a plot to extort the leaders of earth into giving Lars the world's supply of Rejuvium (a fountain of youth type wonder drug). Starfinger threatened to destroy the seven wonders of the 30th Century if the Rejuvium was not released to him. The Legion defeated Lars but he swore revenge.

Lars kidnapped one of Duo Damsel's remaining two bodies on her wedding day to Bouncing Boy and threatened to let her die if the Legionnaires did not give him both bodies. He had poisoned Luorno in a bid to learn the secret of her duplicating herself so he could create an army of Starfingers. Superboy defeated Starfinger by dressing up as Starfinger and making Lars think he was meeting his duplicate.

Later Lars had cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance and he assumed the identity of Dr. Larsh, Saturn Girl's obstetrician during her first pregnancy. He once again tried to brainwash Lighting Lad but he saw through the ruse and defeated Lars shortly before his wife gave birth.

Lars was later killed by Char Burrane who became the next Starfinger. Lars crimelord brother Molock arranged to have Burrane killed and Molock became the 3rd Starfinger. Molock was later killed by the Khunds.



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