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Silky was a silk worm larva kept as a pet by Starfire.

After Killer Moth's giant moths returned to their maggot forms, Beast Boy was able to grab one. He named the maggot Silky. Little did he know the baby maggot had the appetite of a whale! This was in the episode "Can I Keep Him?" He chewed up everything, even the couch and the lounge room. When the Titans went to investigate, Beast Boy grew cautious. He then asked Starfire to help him hide Silky from the others. At first Starfire had hesitation over the fact that drool sprung from the littler maggot's mouth. But after a few thoughts of caring for a baby and watching him grow in time excited Starfire and the mother instincts in her grew. From then on, she cuddled Silky and called him her little "Bumgorf."

She cared for Silky like a child. It was not until he screamed for food was Starfire in big trouble. When she tried to get him to eat certain foods, he refused it. But when he ate some Tamaranian food (Zorka Berries) that is when Starfire kept on feeding him more and more of it. The strange thing was, Silky never became full and in time, he grew bigger and bigger in size. It was now harder for Starfire to keep him a hidden in her room. When she left for one minute, she returned to find that Silky had eaten a hole in her wall and escaped.

Later that night, during Cyborg's search for the creature eating the tower, he stumbles upon Silky. The giant maggot then eats his foot. After a battle between Silky and the Titans, Starfire saves her giant pet. In the end, she is convinced by the others that Silky had to go. Upset, Starfire took the giant Silky to a deserted island to leave him there. When Silky pleaded her to stay, Starfire had no other choice to blast him with a small plasma blast. This made Silky distrust Starfire and the other Titans.

Upset, it seemed he just wanted to stay alone on the island until he died. Just then, Killer Moth returned and Silky returned as a giant moth.

Meanwhile, a battle between Johnny Rancid and his giant, tan-like dog, Rexilla and the Titans had just begun. Suddenly, the giant moth, Silky, showed up and devoured the mechanical pooch...along with Johnny at the end of the leash. Silky might have been acting out only of anger and fear. After all, Killer Moth was controlling him by whipping him on his back. Silky battled the Titans and did not hold back any hesitation. When Robin was caught in Silky's gooey spit, he nearly plummeted to his death until Beast Boy caught him. Knowing that it was the wrong choice to leave Silky alone, Starfire claimed that it was her responsibility to save Silky. Not only from doing wrong but saving him from an eternal life of sorrow under Killer Moth's control.

When Starfire got close enough, she started to call Silky's name. In defense Killer Moth called back his original name: LarvaM319. Through this; Silky flashbacked of comparisons of how Killer Moth and Starfire treated him; Starfire's gentleness and Killer Moth's abusive behavior. But when he remembered Starfire blasting him and then Killer Moth attacking him on the island; Silky could not pick which one to go to. The stress-level became too much for Silky's body to handle and he ended up exploding. He was then nothing but a skeleton and a pile of purple slop. Out of this, Cyborg got his leg back and Johnny Rancid was freed. But Silky was still dead in the eyes of Starfire.

However, hope brightened up when Starfire heard the cries of her pet. When she found Silky (returned as a little maggot) under the purple slop, she hugged him. The only explanation for why Silky survived was of what Beast Boy said in the episode, "He was not mutating... He was just molting." Robin promised Starfire that Silky could stay as long as she did not give him anymore alien foods. Starfire was then stumped of what to feed her little larva now until she saw Silky starting to eat his purple remains. When Starfire tasted it tasted exactly like Zorka berries! Silky and Starfire happily ate the remains as the other Titans, with a little twitching of their eyes, watched.

Later in the series, Silky became less seen. He sprung up in a few scenes and was taken care of by Titans East when Robin's crew was away. In basic terms, Silky became the new Teen Titans mascot while still remaining as Starfire's little Bumgorf.



  • Superhuman Digestion: Silky has an intense appetite and seems to have no issues eating any inanimate object bigger or smaller than itself.



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