The Lash, so named for his use of a whip to maintain discipline among his underlings, was originally a modern day rustler, masterminding a car theft ring that ambushed the attendants of parking garages before emptying them of the better quality automobiles.

Repainting the stolen cars in an underground hideaway, the Lash planned to resell them, the defense rationing at the time having driven up the price of automobiles.

During one such robbery, Greg Sanders happened to see the fleet of cars being driven by the Lash's men out of a garage, and soon after found the parking attendant dead. Switching into his costume as the Vigilante, he gave chase on his motorcycle, only to be forced to give up the chase so as not to run over a wheelchair-bound man crossing the street, unaware that it was the Lash. Soon after, two of the Lash's men happened to steal Sanders' car right off the street, unaware that his sidekick Stuff was asleep in the backseat. When he found that his car had been stolen along with Stuff, Sanders investigated further as the Vigilante, coming upon the dead-end street where that the stolen vehicles had disappeared before. This time, he found that the street lowered to form a ramp down into the gang's hideout, where the Lash allowed himself to be chased, eventually leading the Vigilante to a face-off with his entire gang. However, the hero managed to outfight the Lash's henchmen, and the boss had to intervene himself, surprising the Vigilante by knocking him out with the handle of his whip.

The Lash and his gang left the Vigilante hung upside down in an old elevator shaft while they went to rob the parking lot of the city opera. However, the Vigilante managed to not only use the spurs of his boots to cut the ropes, but also to hook onto the edge of the shaft's opening. Freeing Stuff, he then ambushed the Lash's gang as they were about to escape with their stolen cars again, using his lariat to disarm the Lash of his whip. The Lash then revealed himself to still have full use of his legs, bragging that he'd been a champion runner, only to be tackled to the ground by the Vigilante. He and his men were then taken away by the police.

The Lash reappeared months later, abandoning his feigned impairment and reinventing himself in the fashion of a Latin American bandit as a counterpart to the Vigilante's Wild West-style motif. The Lash was hired by the Dummy to track down a series of blunderbusses, one of which contained a fortune in antique coins hidden by a former henchman of the Dummy's who had died. As the Dummy – having supposedly reformed to get out of prison – ran a pawn and antique shop to uncover potential targets, the Lash would then rob the homes where the potential hidden treasure could be found. Eventually, while in the process of stealing one such blunderbuss from a museum, the Dummy decided to abandon his cover and publicly joined with the Lash and a gang of crooks to ambush the Vigilante and Stuff. Fortunately, an unsuspecting henchman tried to use the blunderbuss, unleashing a virtual cloud of gold pieces that proved to be the distraction needed to defeat the villains. The Dummy returned to prison along with the Lash, who suggested it may be better to remain imprisoned as the Dummy swore vengeance.


The Lash is an excellent criminal strategist, and is skilled at the use of a whip. He later proved to be a skilled at horsemanship.


The Lash originally used a motorized wheelchair capable to achieving great speed. After he reinvented himself, he traded the wheelchair in for a horse.


The Lash wields a whip which he can use to strike at opponents, grab and retract items, or use as a line to swing from. Originally, his lash was coated with poison, so that even a single stroke from it could cause death.

  • This version of the Lash, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • In all likelihood, the Lash that appears in Action Comics #75 was not intended to be the same character that appeared in Action Comics #48, as Mort Meskin had taken over writing duties on the Vigilante feature from Mort Weisinger by that time. The DC Database, however, does not differentiate the two, hence the conjecture that the Lash reinvented himself in-between appearances.



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