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Lashawn Baez is Peek-a-Boo, a roller skating teleporter. Though she wanted to be a hero, her inexperience and instability in her encounters with Flash ended up with her being treated as a criminal.

Lashawn Baez was a grad student at Central City Medical School, who put aside her studies to take care of her father Tomas Baez when he got ill. Tomas was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Lashawn tried to donate hers, but the procedure activated her latent metagene, granting her teleportation powers, but making her unable to donate her kidney due to the fact that she teleported whenever she was touched. Lashawn decided that she would use her powers to find a matching donor organ for her father.

As Peek-a-Boo, she snuck into Central City Hospital to steal a kidney. However, she accidentally destroyed a lab because her powers were still unstable and dangerous. A random teleport was unintentionally set off by a doctor grabbing her arm, causing an implosion where she disappeared, and nearly killing the surprised surgeon. Peek-a-Boo was then forced to fight the Flash and his ally Cyborg. They were able to defeat her after much difficulty with a wall of white sound generated by Cyborg's arm, coupled with disorientation from being teleported hundreds of times a second when the Flash deliberately triggered her powers. The Flash later returned the kidney to the hospital, and Lashawn was convicted and sent to Iron Heights. The Flash tried repeatedly to intercede on her behalf, but warden Gregory Wolfe insisted on following the strict letter of the law, going so far as to drug Lashawn whenever anyone outside came to interview her.

As a result of Gorilla Grodd's attack on the Iron Heights facility, Peek-a-Boo was able to escape along with many other Rogues. Lashawn went directly to Central City Hospital in order to check on her father. Tomas Baez' doctors had been able to find a new kidney in time, but his ailing body rejected it, and Lashawn was just in time to sit with him as he died. When the Flash appeared at the hospital, sick with grief and embittered by her incarceration, Lashawn furiously revealed that she had originally intended to become a hero like the Flash whom she had idolized. But after being branded as a Rogue by the Flash, she rejected him and all he stood for. Nevertheless, Lashawn later saved the life of Flash's wife Linda Park when she was injured in a fight between them. Lashawn then turned herself in to the police believing she had nothing left to live for, and currently remains in their custody.


  • Teleportation: Peek-a-Boo can teleport by breaking down her molecular structure and then re-assembling her body elsewhere possibly by unconsciously entangling her molecules with molecules local to her destination. Whenever someone touches her, she teleports a short distance away, this makes her difficult to capture. Peek-a-Boo's teleportation powers can create dangerous implosions at their exit point if she isn't careful.


  • Medical Science: Lashawn has an advanced knowledge of medicine and first aid.


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