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Wonder Woman convinced Superboy-Prime to channel the Crisis Energies to the Mobius Chair in order to make Wally West powerful enough to defeat the Mother of the Multiverse, Perpetua

The Last 52 is a Multiverse which was created by the Darkest Knight after he was supercharged by the Mobius Chair, which redirected to him the Crisis Energies from the Dark Multiverse realities where the three major Crises were eternally happening. These energies made him powerful enough to create a Multiverse of his own that was only composed of realities where nightmarish counterparts of Earth 0's residents existed, similar to the Dark Multiverse.


Wonder Woman convinced Superboy-Prime to channel the Crisis Energies to the Mobius Chair in order to make Wally West powerful enough to defeat the Mother of the Multiverse, Perpetua. However, the Darkest Knight had already altered the Mobius Chair to redirect these energies to him, making him an even more omnipotent version of himself.[1]

The Darkest Knight used his new-found powers to immediately create a new Multiverse, inspired by the Dark Multiverse, which was composed by 52 dark realities where twisted versions of Earth 0's heroes and villains existed and conquered their worlds. The Dark God referred to these new universes as the Last 52.[1]

This Multiverse is composed by 52 unnamed realities, inhabited by nightmare version of heroes and villains who ravaged and conquered their own worlds. Among these universes, there are:

  • Armageddon Blues: the home reality of a version of John Constantine who fully delved into dark magic and developed a "heavy metal phase," in the words of his Prime Earth counterpart;
  • Bogeyman[2] Penguin's reality: a universe where the Penguin was so hungry that he became a cannibalistic killer;[3]
  • Falling Through the Cracks: a nightmare reality where the Teen Titans abandoned themselves to their evil sides: Raven was corrupted by her father Trigon, Emiko killed Oliver Queen, Damian was raised by his grandfather, Black Manta convinced Aqualad to kill Aquaman and Starfire murdered her sister;[3]
  • Fastest Killer Alive's reality: a universe where Wally West killed every hero in the Sanctuary, enjoying all of the murders and becoming the Fastest Killer Alive. The Teen Titans of this Earth were murdered by the evil speedster;[3]
  • The Fear Index: a universe where the Scarecrow spread his toxin all over Earth, corrupting most of humanity. Some heroes died while others, like John Henry Irons, a.k.a. Steel, survived and continued to fight crime;[4]
  • Feeding the Beast: a universe where the head of Arkham Asylum, Gottlieb turned the Arkham inmates into monsters to create a new, perfect world, including the Kite-Man and the Calendar Man. Mister Zsasz of this reality tried to be turned into a monster, letting himself be captured and sent to Arkham, but Gottlieb refused to turn him and fed him to his beasts;[4]
  • Freak[2] Penguin's reality: in this universe, the Penguin had a morbid need of loving his parents to the point that he absorbed them into his own flesh, turning himself into a monster-like fat creature.[3]
  • Green Man's reality: a universe where the Martian race was destroyed, so a green man from Mars came to Earth and decided to rebuild its race, implanting some parasite-like creatures into the humans who were killed after the creatures crawled out of their bodies;[4]
  • Hard Traveled: a dark reality where the Green Lanterns went insane and turned the Guardians of the Universe into drones and conquered the universe. Earth was renamed New Oa and only a few heroes survived, including an old Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow;[4]
  • John Stewart/Parallax's reality: a nightmare world where John Stewart was so traumatized from having destroyed an entire planet that his fear let him become the host of Parallax and enslave Earth;[4]
  • Last Sun's reality: a universe where the baby Kal-El was sent to Earth, but the spaceship went through thousands of suns, corrupting his mind. He conquered his world as the Last Sun and, in a near future, he created the Church of the Last Sun, surrounding himself with loyal followers.[4][5]
  • Nazis' reality: a reality where the Nazis conquered the world and assembled their own version of the Justice Society;[3]
  • No More Superheroes: the home reality of the super-powered Lois Lane. On this Earth, the Daily Planet journalist didn't trust the superheroes so, in the aftermath of her son's death, she stole her husband's Kryptonian powers and used them to kill every hero on Earth;[4][3]
  • Ocean Mother's reality: a universe where Queen Atlanna was the twisted ruler of Atlantis known as the Ocean Mother and conquered the world using her feral son, Arthur.[3][3]
  • Parallax's reality: a reality where Hal Jordan continued being the host of Parallax, damning the entire universe;[3]
  • Sadist[2] Penguin's reality: in this universe, the Penguin turned his favorite animals into monsters that fed on human flesh;[3]
  • Speed Monsters' reality: a dark world where its Flash shared its Speed Force connection with all humanity; however, the Speed Force turned the humans into speed monsters who destroyed society in mere seconds, with the human race perishing in a few hours;[4]
  • The Super-Threats!: a nightmare reality where a rage virus spread all over Earth, turning humans and animals into zombie-like beings. The Super-Pets also were turned into rage beasts but they seemed to regain their sanity when Krypto the Super-Dog returned to Earth; however, they eventually turned into rage beasts again and assaulted Krypto;[4]
  • Trench Aquaman's reality: a universe where Aquaman was raised by the Trench, becoming himself a Trench-like creature. Then, he reached the surface and sank the landmasses of the entire planet after realizing the humans' corruption;[4]
  • Unstable Atoms: the home universe of Ra, a dark counterpart of Ryan Choi who went insane after his mentor Ray Palmer's disappearance and killed every superhero;[3]
  • Wally West/Doctor Manhattan's reality: in this universe, Wally West eventually absorbed Doctor Manhattan's powers from the Mobius Chair but he was corrupted by them, becoming a blue-suited almighty version of himself who never lost his powers and kept riding on the Mobius Chair;[6]
  • Wonder Woman's reality: a universe where Wonder Woman stripped the Gods of their powers and became a white light version of herself who also killed her father Zeus with her lasso.[4]

While the Darkest Knight was fighting against Perpetua over the dominion of the Multiverse, the Justice League and the Legion of Doom banded together and planned to use the Forge of Worlds' energies to empower Wonder Woman enough to let her face the Darkest Knight: the latter sensed what was happening and assembled an army of the Last 52 villains to join the Dark Multiverse's forces and destroy Earth 0's resistance army which was composed of heroes, villains, dead people and the survivors of lost realities.[7]

During the clash, Superboy-Prime joined the battlefield, facing Saint of the Church of the Sun, an enforcer of a dark Superman from a futuristic Last 52 reality. Prime's fists altered Saint's home reality, changing its history every time the Kryptonian hit his opponent; after defeating him, Superboy-Prime assaulted the Darkest Knight, who had already killed Perpetua, hitting him so hard that this severely destabilized the Last 52 Multiverse.[5]

Later, the Darkest Knight and Wonder Woman fiercely battled each other through the timestream until they reached the End of Time where the Amazon finally killed the dark Batman, presumably destroying the Last 52 Multiverse.[6]


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  • After The Hands restored the Creation,[6] the existence of the Last 52 Multiverse was no longer addressed, so it is left unknown if it was also brought back into existence.
    • However, as The Hands brought back every iteration of the Multiverse, creating the so-called Infinite Frontier[6], it may be possible that the Last 52 Multiverse still exists somewhere in the Frontier.


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