Last Call was a member of the G-7 Authority.

A former F-1 driver, Last Call received his physical enhancements from his respective Italian government, and served the G-7 Authority's analogue to the Midnighter. Unlike Midnighter, Last Call is heterosexual. However, everyone see him and Teuton, Apollo's analogue, as a gay couple as to the original Authority's outgoing homosexual couple, much to Last Call's frustration and causing him to be a reactionary homophobe. But on one occasion his homophobia saves himself and his team to disprove that.

As part of the G-7 Authority, Last Call in his 'spare time' used a captured and depowered Apollo as a punching bag. When Midnighter infiltrated the Carrier, Last Call tried to weasel his way out of fighting with him and bringing bereavement from the Colonel. Last Call went to Apollo, unbeknown to him is fully recharged, mockingly asked him to light his cigarette in which Apollo light his entire head on fire with his heat vision, thus killing him.





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