The Last Line takes its name from the slogan "The Last Line of Defense". The Last Line is a top-secret combat squadron designed for one specific purpose: to combat and defeat Superman. Led by Amanda Waller, the Last Line's primary function was to protect humanity in the event that Superman should ever turn against the United States. The group's membership includes the best of the best soldiers from all branches of military service including the United States Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, Navy and even the Defense Department. All of the members of the Last Line are outfitted with body armor powered by Kryptonite. For years they have managed to stockpile an immense cache of Kryptonite by drilling from an asteroid just outside of Earth's orbit. When Superman and Batman undertook a quest to rid the Earth of all Kryptonite, they stumbled upon a trail which ultimately led them back to the Last Line's underground bunker.[1]

Amanda Waller's resourcefulness enabled her to capture and contain Batman, while the Last Line attacked Superman with weapons made of Kryptonite. Despite overwhelming Superman, the Last Line were then incapacitated by Superman via electrocution and leaving the Kryptonite-infused All-American Boy to battle the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, Superman and the All-American Boy's fighting was inadvertently taken outside of the facility into Smallville, destroying much of the town. Last Line was then negotiated into a truce by Batman in stopping the All-American Boy's rampage and saving Superman. The fighting was peacefully stopped after the All-American Boy's parents were tracked down and brought to him in appealing to any shred of humanity left in him.[2]


Equipment: Kryptonite-powered body armor

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