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Formerly a student at Garfield High School, Latavious Johnson fell in with The 100 after leaving school.

Hoping to guide his former pupil, Garfield Principal Jefferson Pierce made a deal with Latavious, now calling himself "Lala", agreeing not to report him to the police as long as Lala kept his dealers away from Garfield.

This arrangement fell apart after Pierce's daughter Jennifer went out to a club run by the 100 and spurned the advances of one of Lala's men. Thinking to teach her a lesson, Lala deployed his men to Garfield and kidnapped Jennifer and her older sister Anissa.

Unbeknownst to Lala, Jefferson Pierce had previously been the superhero known as Black Lightning. For years, he had been retired, but when his daughters were kidnapped, Pierce came out of retirement to rescue them. Unaccustomed to fighting metahumans, Lala and his gang suffered a humiliating defeat.

In the wake of Black Lightning's return and the rescue of the Pierce girls, local woman LaWanda White began her own crusade to try and shame Lala into returning her daughter, whom he had taken a year earlier. Black Lightning intervened, offering to get LaWanda's daughter back for her so that she would not have to risk angering the 100. LaWanda still elected to confront Lala on her own. Though he shot her, she managed to capture her own murder on her phone, and this evidence was used to arrest Lala. While sitting in jail, he was confronted by Tobias Whale, who killed him for all the attention he was bringing down on the 100. He came back to life shortly afterwards, and was being confronted by what seemed to be Lawanda, who tormented him verbally before disappearing and appearing as a tattoo on his chest. Later, the same happened to his nephew whom he killed earlier, and Tobias assured him all his past sins will be a part of him

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  • Power Limitation:Tattoos with the faces of those Lala has killed directly or indirectly will appear on his body. He has no control over this and the process appears to be excruciatingly painful. If Lala is encased in something like concrete, then he cannot resurrect himself properly.

Other Characteristics

  • Schizophrenia Post-resurrection, Lala suffers from persistent hallucinations of his former victims.



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