The Latino Unified Gang like other major gangs and mobs attended the gang meeting orchestrated by Spoiler which exploded into a multi-sided fight, resulting in the loss of their leader Otero.[1] They then went to war against the Hill Gang, rumbling on the streets.[2] Rioting and attacks on the GCPD followed, at which point Tarantula interceded, put a stop to the rioting, took control of the gang and trained them to defend themselves.[3]

She kept them out of the great gang war and had them patrolling the neighborhood, enforcing the curfew, and protecting their community.[4] She and the LUG attended the gang meeting called by "Orpheus" at the amphitheater in Robinson Park.[5] When it was revealed to actually be Black Mask and he declared that he was going to kill them all, in the melee afterwards Tarantula led the LUG out of the amphitheater and fought their way through the police.[6] They ended up trapped in a building, surrounded by police using lethal force (e.g. snipers and rocket launchers).[7] With the assistance of Batman, Tarantula and the Latino Unified Gang were able to escape.[8]


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