Laughing Boys were a terrorist group of people with clown makeup, employed to serve Joker Jr..


The Laughing Boys were employed by their boss Joker Jr. and led by a man called Fleck. They were directed by Joker Jr. to help take revenge on Harley Quinn for abandoning him after his birth.[1]

Their first attack on Harley Quinn occurred when she and Red Tool were driving away from the Kraken Barrel towards Coast City, by firing quickly incubating monsters using the Monster Hurler 3000. As the duo's car crashed, the Laughing Boys introduced themselves to them and stated that the Joker had sent them. Red Tool however helped Harley escape using his springing legs.[2]

The group would later interfere with the teleporter at Arkham Home for Criminally Insane Retirees that was transporting Harley and her allies, who were trying to figure out whether Joker was really alive by going to Las Vegas, using the Teleporter Scrambler 3000 that sent them to the prison city of Bludhaven instead.[3]

Despite Joker Jr. ordering them to bring back Harley alive, Fleck was reaady to let her die at the hands of the dangerous criminals. But after Harley was teleported to Vegas by Oracle and Fleck informed Joker Jr. about her getting away, the boss killed one of the Laughing Boys using Joker Venom to warn them that she shouldn't escape again.[4]

The Laughing Boys later tracked down Harley to New Atlantis and infected many of the fishes with Joker fish toxin, using them to attack the room she and her allies were in along with Aquaman, Power Girl, Lex Luthor and the zombie Canadian Prime Minister Wayne Gretzky. They succeeded in finally kidnapping Harley and took her to Joker Jr.[5]

Joker Jr. activated the Laughing Boys cells around various cites of the United States of America to create murder and mayhem, while he claimed to be the real Joker on television. However after Aquaman had defeated all the Joker Fish, Harley's allies found her location and informed her that they had found Joker's body. Harley however realized that the man pretending to be Joker was her illegitimate son with the villain who she gave up, leading Fleck to respond that this is why she deserved to be killed.[1]

As Harley tried to persuade Joker Jr. to give up his vengeance, Fleck stated it was too late but he was killed by Joker Jr., who had decided to reconcile, before he could kill her. The group's location was however discovered by Batman who believed that the Joker was still alive. As the Laughing Boys fought his Batcavatron construct, Harley and his allies escaped to Coast City, leaving the group at the mercy of Batman.[1]



  • Monster Hurler 3000
  • Teleporter Scrambler 3000



  • None of the Laughing Boys wear a coloured uniform except Fleck, potentially to highlight his leadership status within the group.

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