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Quote1.png It was a lie. All of it. You may have been able to spin things with the Sisterhood but you can't fool me. I was there in 1949! You never wanted to change the world through art. You never cared about expression. All you cared about was influence. Increasing your influence and gaining power. Quote2.png
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Laura De Mille is the eccentric and treacherous Madame Rouge, a shapeshifting criminal who traveled to the future to steal Niles Caulder's inventions for the Brotherhood of Evil. Her crusade made her an enemy of the Sisterhood of Dada and the Doom Patrol.

Working in the Bureau of Normalcy

Weapon or Not Weapon

At some point, Laura De Mille became a metahuman with shapeshifting powers and joined the Bureau of Normalcy to decide which metahumans were weapons and who were not. During that period, Laura met and joined the Sisterhood of Dada, a group of metahuman artists. In 1917, Laura met Bendy, a a woman with elastic powers who does not remember her past, whom she brought to the Sisterhood to join and the two became friends.[3][2]

Over time, Laura became strict and forced to make difficult decisions to demonstrate her loyalty to the bureau. Laura betrayed her friends by sending all the agents to the Sisterhood's lair and she had to classify them as weapons, but Malcolm DuPont, a member of the sisterhood, was accidentally killed. Shortly after, Laura was fired for treason by Niles Caulder.[4][1]

Becoming Madame Rouge

A New Job

Without more to do, Laura decided to join the Brotherhood of Evil, a group of super villains dedicated to world domination. Laura was nicknamed by Mallah "Madame Rouge". Laura's mission was to travel to the future to steal Caulder's plans for The Brain, the leader of the brotherhood to use in his own plans.[5]

Journey into the future

Travel to a new era

Laura met Bendy before traveling back in time and revealed that she was her best friend. Upon reaching the present, Laura lost her memory, so she headed to Doom Manor to search for Niles Caulder to try and regain her memory. Instead of Caulder, Laura encountered her test patients, Cliff Steele, a robot with anger problems, Jane, a girl with multiple personalities, Larry Trainor, a radioactive man, Victor Stone, a superhero, and Rita Farr, who really was bendy. Laura helped Willoughby Kipling heal the team members turned into Zombies and defeat Darren Jones. Not knowing where to go, Laura stayed to live at Doom Manor.[5][6][7][1][3]

Laura explains what the Sisterhood of Dada is

To find more of her past, Laura tasked the team with finding the Sisterhood of Dada to defeat them before the Eternal Flagellation happens. Laura and Rita became friends while fixing the machine. Laura realized that the Sisterhood was already coming for her, so she tried to prevent them from entering, but it was late. Laura recovered her memories and regretted what happened with Malcolm. When the Flagellation began, Laura turned into a bird to escape.[8][3][4]

The Brotherhood of Evil returns

Laura is reunited with Rita, who was looking for her for revenge. The two began to argue about Malcolm's death, but Laura decided to escape from Rita. To take revenge, Laura traveled to Florida to search for the Brotherhood of Evil, as she came to the present, but found out that Brain and Mallah, Brain's gorilla assistant, had retired, but Laura convinced them to return to villainy. By transforming into Rory, Cliff's grandson, Laura captured her old friend to have Brain use Cliff's robot body, but to her surprise, Brain and Mallah betrayed Laura, as they only wanted to retire.[5][2]

Road to redemption

Laura and Cliff's brain managed to get off the gurney and Laura used Rog's body, a giant robot discarded by the brotherhood, to put Cliff's brain in and together they crushed Brain in revenge. Laura started a journey in Rog to reach the manor and kill Rita, but Cliff managed to control the robot to try to reform Laura. Upon finding the time machine, Laura did not know where to go, so she decided to reform herself and traveled to the manor to apologize to the team. When everyone went to prevent an uncontrolled Cliff from destroying the city, Laura was confronted by Rita, who made her remember everything, something that made Laura see that she was a bad person. After the team saved the city, they all agreed to become the new Doom Patrol, a group of superheroes. As part of her redemption, Laura cordially agreed to join the team to become a better person and as the first mission, the team went to face a demonic creature.[9]



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