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In the 31st Century, Laurel Kent claimed to be a descendant of Superman.

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Legion of Super-Heroes continuity note:
Silver Age Legion stories take place on Earth-One prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986. The original Legion disappeared following Zero Hour in 1994 during the Legion Reboot. Following Infinite Crisis in 2006, they reappeared as a divergent timeline splitting at Crisis on Infinite Earths. Some of these stories may no longer be in continuity as a result.

After many years of separation from the original source she was left only with invulnerability, something that two of her teammates already had, making her a Legionnaire in training at the Legion Academy.

Laurel spent most of her time at Montauk Point with the rest of the Academy cadets being tutored by Bouncing Boy with his wife Duo Damsel. Her roommate was Dawnstar. She made friends with her teammates even as some stayed and some left. Her adventures continued even after being shot by a kryptonite bullet.[1]

Laurel was actually a Manhunter robot which survived the extinction of its kind for a thousand years. Unfortunately, Laurel's Manhunter programming accidentally activated and she flew off to an abandoned base in the Himalayas where she self-destructed.


  • Unique Physiology: Laurel Kent is a manhunter. This was unbeknownst to her during her time with the Legion. While she assumed she was a Kryptonian, a descendant of Superman, her only ability was invulnerability. Once her true nature was revealed she displayed limited usage of her other abilities until she died.




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