Laurel Lakeland and her sister/lover Clarice were born into a long line of masked adventuresses descended from a 16th-century Incan high-priestess named Lula Lacalan and her handmaiden Cla-Cla-Cla, who managed to produce two daughters through parthenogenesis when all the men of their village were killed by a volcano. Her ancestors were all lesbians, and up until the early 20th century, they engaged in criminal pursuits. This ended when Laurel's great-grandmother, La Toile, got caught up in self-destructive excess. La Toile's partner Clothilde fled to America, hoping to spare their daughters the same fate. La Toile's daughter Lorelei decided to redeem the family name by fighting crime and, assisted by Clothilde's daughter Claudia, became the first Cobweb. From 1928 to 1945, the two lovers fought crime. In 1953, their respective mantles were assumed by their daughters, Laverne and Clara, who fought worldwide evil alongside Tom Strong and his science-hero team, America's Best. In 1971, Laurel and Clarice took over.



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