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Laurie Lemmon is a teenage girl from a dimensional reality commonly referred to as Earth-Prime.

Laurie's mother owned the drug store where Clark Kent bought his comics books. They met in 1984 when she defended him from bullies, they became friends and began dating.[1] In 1985 Laurie invited Clark to attend a costumed beach party with some friends, where they expected to witness the passing of the infamous Halley's Comet. Clark dressed in a costume similar to that of his comic book namesake, Superman. Laurie meanwhile, dressed as a mermaid.

While having fun on the New England beach, the teens were startled to discover a gigantic tidal wave closing in on their location. Further, a dimensional vortex opened up above them discharging Superman himself. At that moment, Clark Kent's natural Kryptonian powers manifested and he became a Superboy in deed as well as name. Superboy and Superman labored to divert the path of the tidal wave saving the coastal town.

Their efforts would soon prove to be in vain however. In an event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a wave of anti-matter energy spread across the multiverse eradicating hundreds of parallel dimensions. Earth-Prime and its inhabitants, including Laurie were destroyed in the wave. Everything Clark did from them on was to get back to her.

Following the events of Final Crisis, Clark was somehow returned home and reunited with Laurie and his parents. His joy was short lived when he learned they were now afraid of him and considered him a monster, having read of his exploits in comic books.[2]

Some time later Laurie appeared willing to reach out to Clark, but it is unclear if this was truly Laurie or a Black Lantern attempting to evoke an emotional response in order to devour his heart.[3]

Clark was quickly sucked back into the world of comics and was separated from Laurie again.[4] Many years later, Clark was part of an assembled force of heroes and villains fighting the forces of the Last 52 Multiverse. When he punched The Darkest Knight he had a vision of himself and Laurie grown up and with a child. Clark sacrificed himself in the fight and suddenly found himself in his bedroom, reading Dark Nights: Death Metal The Secret Origin #1 and looking at his own dead body on the page. Laurie arrived to invite him out to lunch. As they walked together, Clark questioned her and realised that she had no memory of the night he flew on the beach, or any of the stories that came after. As they were walking, a kid chased a ball into the street, directly into the path of a car. Laurie saw Clark run out and lift the car above his head to save the boy.[1]


  • Laurie's death was never explicitly revealed, but inferred through the destruction of Earth-Prime.
  • Laurie's name and beach costume was an homage to Superman's Silver Age love interest, the mermaid Lori Lemaris.
  • Like many of the supporting characters in the Superman mythos, Laurie's name is an alliteration.
  • Clark considers Laurie his best friend.[1]


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