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Negative Man is a member of the Doom Patrol.

In 1961 Lawrence "Larry" Trainor was a USAF test pilot who, during a X-15 flight test to the Earth's stratosphere, he went through a cloud of cosmic radiation, causing him to lose his senses and the vehicle to fall. Thanks to the radiation, Trainor managed to survive the fall, but the explosion burned his entire body and made him radioactive, needing to wear bandages to cover him entirely. As a member of the Doom Patrol, he is known as the Negative Man.

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  • Immobility: (Formerly) When his astral form named Negative Spirit leaves him, his body becomes motionless and vulnerable to attack.
  • Life Force Loss: When Larry and the Negative Spirit learned to separate without the host being unconscious, Larry becomes weak, as if all the aging of which he was deprived returned quickly, and may die if the separation lasts too long.
  • Larry had a secret affair with his Air Force colleague John Bowers.



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