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Lawrence "Larry" Trainor is a former Air Force pilot and member of the Doom Patrol.


Larry Trainor was born around 1927 to Gerald and Debbie Trainor in North Dakota. One day at school in 1935, he was caught "playing doctor" with another boy, and the principal reported him to his parents for homosexual activity. Though Gerald refused to believe the claim, saying the principal simply had a grudge against Larry, Debbie knew it was true and feared for the family's reputation if the community found out.[1]

Test Pilot

As an adult, Larry became a test pilot for the United States Air Force. He suppressed his homosexuality and married a woman named Sheryl. Together, they had two sons - Paul and Gary.

Larry's sons idolized him and his work as a pilot. Even though Larry tried to connect with his sons, he couldn't help but be overly critical of them sometimes, at one point creating a lasting memory in which Larry tore apart a cardboard plane that his son Gary made for him right in front of the boy because Gary had assembled it incorrectly.[2]

In 1951, Larry was selected for an experimental X-15 flight test to the Earth's stratosphere. His family was very proud of him but worried about the dangers that inherently came with piloting an experimental vehicle. Larry assured them it was safe.

On the day of the mission, Larry took off and went through a cloud of cosmic radiation, merging him with an entity called a "negative spirit". The process caused Larry to lose his senses and the vehicle to fall. Thanks to the new powers he acquired from the negative spirit, Trainor managed to survive the fall, but the explosion burned his entire body. He also couldn't control the radiation he now produced. The government rushed in to cover up the accident.

The Ant Farm

Larry was detained by the Bureau of Normalcy within their and given a bulky suit to contain his radiation. He spent years in isolation in a cell as the Bureau studied his transformation. The government covered up Larry's accident, claiming that he had died in the plane's explosion. His family was devastated, but his wife swore she knew the truth - that he was still alive. As the years went by, Sheryl's conspiracy theories rubbed off on their son Gary, who dedicated the rest of his life to finding out what really happened to his father. Their other son Paul, wanting to honor their father's alleged death rather than dwell on the mystery, grew up and joined the military like his father.

Meanwhile, Larry himself was in constant pain, with the Bureau members attempting to weaponize him and the Negative Spirit within him for military use. Pained and scared, he began to develop a very introverted nature, even pushing away Flex Mentallo, a fellow prisoner in his neighboring cell who could have possibly helped him.

New Life at Doom Manor

Eventually in 1956, Niles Caulder rescued Larry from the Ant Farm, and offered him a home in his mansion in Ohio. Larry accepted, still confined to his bulky suit to contain the radiation. There, Larry was introduced to Rita Farr and, though it was slow to start, the two became close friends. As a "welcome home" present, Caulder gifted Larry a set of radiation-proof bandages and goggles to wear, which proved more flexible than his current costume.

For decades, Larry lived at Doom Manor, dwelling on the life he lost and the time that had passed him by. He took up gardening and kept to himself.

In 1988, the Chief brought a new guest to their home - Cliff Steele, a racecar driver who had lost his body in a car accident and had his brain placed into a robot body. When Cliff's body was completed and activated in 1995, Larry was tasked with monitoring Cliff's recovery, becoming one of his first friends in the manor, as the new robot-man learned how to walk in his body for the first time.


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  • Immobility: (Formerly) When his astral form named Negative Spirit leaves him, his body becomes motionless and vulnerable to attack.
  • Life Force Loss: When Larry and the Negative Spirit learned to separate without the host being unconscious, Larry becomes weak, as if all the aging of which he was deprived returned quickly, and may die if the separation lasts too long.

  • Larry had a secret affair with his Air Force colleague John Bowers.



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