Lawrene "Larry" Trainor, also known as Negative Man or Positive Man, is a super hero and member of the Doom Patrol that can project and guide the negative spirit Keeg Bovo to fight crime.


Larry Trainor was formerly a test pilot for the United States Air Force. While piloting his plane, he flew through a highly radioactive energy field that crashed his plane and connected him to the negative spirit Keeg Bovo. The doctors managed to stabilize him, but one of the doctors involved died of cancer due to the radiation that emanated from his body. Larry was truly saved by Niles Caulder. Larry was grateful for this and stated that he owed his life to Niles his, joining the Doom Patrol in return.

Finding Power Ring

While part of Caulder's second wave of the Doom Patrol, Negative Man and the team went on a mission to capture the Ring of Volthoom which had attached itself onto a woman named Jessica Cruz. Their mission put them in opposition of the Justice League. However it was revealed by Lex Luthor that Niles caused Larry and every one else on the team's respective accidents, forcing them to lose morale and give up.

Back with the Doom Patrol

Some time later, Larry was mysteriously beamed to what was known as "the Negative Space" and separated from his negative spirit Keeg Bovo. After being sent back to Earth, Larry was reunited with his fellow former Doom Patrol member Robotman and contacted by Keeg Bovo, who invited Larry to return to the Negative Space for trial.

Both Negative Man and Robotman went to the Negative Space and, despite Larry being sentenced to continue being connected to Keeg, Robotman talked the council out of their decision, stating it was only fair for Larry to decide if he wanted to continue having powers or be normal. Larry agreed to continue being Negative Man and accepted Keeg, hoping that his powers could be used to continue helping people. [1]


  • Unique Physiology: Larry Trainor was 'accidentally' sent into a field of cosmic radiation while testing an experimental jet in the stratosphere. The radiation caused him to gain a connection to his negative spirit Keeg Bovo.
    • Radiation Production: Negative Man has the ability to summon and control what is known as a negative spirit, a black, electrical energy humanoid, from his body. Larry's mind and consciousness resides in the being while his body is left behind as a husk. Originally, he could only leave his body for a total of sixty seconds. By now he has trained himself to last much longer before returning to his body at will.
    • Energy Absorption: Negative Man can absorb thermal energy and convert it into an explosive discharge tied to his other thermal abilities.
    • Flight: Negative Man can fly at speeds equal to or greater than jets and other airplanes.
    • Phasing: Negative Man can alter his density to pass through solid objects. Phasing through biological material causes pain to the affected target. Lead is the only substance that he cannot phase through.



  • Power Instability: Larry is reluctant to use his powers and release his "Negative-Man" energy, stating that it hurts when he does it.



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