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Quote1 We were not put on this world to accept. We were put here to challenge and to master our own destinies. That means asking questions even when the answers may be disturbing to some. I will not stop. Quote2
Lazer src

Lazer was an old friend of Izaya, New Genesis' Highfather.

Long ago, when the balance between New Genesis and Apokolips was at work, a lot of people started to ask why the Old Gods had to die for the New Gods to replace them. Lazer was one of those individuals who wondered aloud, but Izaya continually tried to quench his curiosity, claiming that perhaps "some secrets are far too dangerous to resolve." However, Lazer was still motivated to challenge their destinies and seek that knowledge. Someone who shared that motivation was Yuga Khan, first ruler of Apokolips. But Khan's curiosity was doomed by the The Source, turning him into a Promethean Giant. Since then, no one dared to seek the forbidden knowledge again.