The Lazer Monks were a mundane farming race, until they met a man called the Progenitor. He taught them a love of storytelling, as well as how to use crystals found on their world to enhance their natural psychic abilities. However, while seeking bigger and more powerful crystals, the Progenitor was killed by an alien monster, which proceeded to infect the minds of nearby Monks. Soon it spread to all of them, splitting some off into a chaotic, violent tribe called the Nejire, while the rest of the Monks became obsessed with nobility and sacrifice.

The alien fed off the emotions caused by the feud between the tribes, until human scientist and explorer Cave Carson arrived on the Monks' planet. Studying the crystals, he discovered the creature, and, with the aid of the Lazer Monk leader Zot and Nejire warlord Lord Gowt, he killed it, restoring the mental states of both the Monks and the Nejire.


Equipment: Energy crystals
Transportation: Alien steeds
Weapons: None known.


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