Quote1 Too broken for Pyg to make better... too imperfect... They make Mother angry... Make Pyg feel sick... Quote2
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Lazlo Valentin was a gifted scientist whose mental state deteriorated to the point of suffering a schizophrenic break. An obsessive perfectionist, he began having delusions that human beings were inherently broken individuals and that it was his duty to surgically perfect them in order to please "Mother Goat". This resulted in him kidnapping and lobotomising random civilians under the guise of Professor Pyg, stripping away their repulsive uniqueness into mindless, genderless automatons he called Dollotrons. In his deranged mind, he was helping his victims rather than harming them. Valentin used his business, the Circus of Strange, as a front to tour the United States, leaving a trail of missing persons cases in his wake.[1]

The Son of Pyg

At some point, an unidentified woman came across a depressed Lazlo Valentin. While Valentin couldn't recall how he met her, she eventually gave birth to his son Janosz. Despite attempting to spare her from his brutality, he eventually disfigured her under the belief that Mother Goat had done so. This led to him killing her out of disgust and separating himself from Janosz, later sending him voice recordings to let him know that he hadn't been forgotten.[2]

Killing spree and incarceration

On the Halloween night of Jonathan Crane's terrorist attacks upon Gotham City, Batman investigated a series of murders as corpses began turning up with natural physical deformities. He used the deformities to identify the victims and surmise that they had all gone missing in areas where the Circus of Strange had traveled. He checked known property archives to find that the circus' ringleader Lazlo Valentin had once leased a beauty salon in Gotham. Following up on the lead, he traveled to the salon to discover Valentin surgically mutilating a protesting victim strapped to a table in front of several caged captives. Batman ordered him to cease and release the victims, but Valentin instead commanded his mindless Dollotrons to overwhelm him so that he could become his next patient. However, Batman managed to overcome the Dollotrons and subdue Valentin before releasing the captives.

As Batman delivered Valentin to the Gotham City Police Department, the killer protested that he had given his victims purpose and that the people he murdered were too broken to perfect. He was incarcerated alongside several other known supervillains who had taken advantage of the chaos of Crane's attacks.[3]


  • Medical Science: Valentin is skilled in both surgery and medication. As shown by his victims/minions, he removes unique physical features and grafts a mask onto their faces; using drugs, he can destroy their individuality and leaving open to suggestion.
  • Singing: Valentin can sing opera, albeit poorly due to his lisp.
  • Throwing: Valentin is capable for throws butcher's knives with great precision.
  • Charisma: As the ringleader of the Circus of Strange, Pyg was able to draw in crowds.


  • Mental Illness: Lazlo Valentin is extremely unhinged, even by Gotham City standards. He frequently suffers delusions, and his speech and manner of thinking is often irrational.



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