Quote1 We've been meaning to invite you over for tea...and a good, ol'-fashioned pummeling. Unfortunately, we're all out of tea. Quote2
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Professor Pyg is a self-styled Eco terrorist and enemy of Batman.

Professor Pyg and his partner, Mr. Toad, showed up in Gotham with the intent to hunt down and eliminate the main investors in a land deal that had destroyed a wetlands animal preserve. The pair began their hunt by chasing down and tranquilizing Simon Stagg, head of Stagg Industries. Flushed with victory, the pair posted a video clip online for all to see, where Pyg taunted Stagg, and his other potential victims, with a modified version of the classic nursery rhyme "Little Jack Horner", itself based on a land deal gone bad.



  • Medical Bag: Professor Pyg carries an old-fashioned medical bag he uses to carry his weapons.


  • Professor Pyg's Car: A seemingly old-fashioned motorcar that conceals a small arsenal of weaponry and equipment and can easily keep pace with modern sports cars and even the Batmobile.


  • Blunderbuss
  • Bonesaw



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