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Professor Pyg was an enemy of Batman (Dick Grayson). Lazlo Valentin was a deranged scientist who lead the Circus of Strange and turned hapless victims into mindless Dollotrons.

Valentin's past is unknown. Allegedly, he was a chemist for Spyral, who created a powerful thought-damping drug that mimics the effects of Alzheimer's disease. Trapped by their technology, he escaped the only way he could - a schizophrenic break, and a new persona named Professor Pyg[1]. Escaping, he formed the Circus of the Strange. It is unknown what happened next, but apparently he was approached by Doctor Hurt and convinced to "share his vision" with Gotham City.[2]

Circus of the Strange

Pyg moved the Circus of Strange to Gotham City, announcing the "Year of the Pig". Pyg started the campaign of making people "perfect", as his minions (Dollotrons) capture Robin. All of this is part of Dr. Hurt's plan.

Pyg then tries to introduce an addictive "identity destroying" drug into the city via his Dollotrons. The drug is sold to various different gangs and mobs who use it to control prostitutes. However, Batman quickly puts an end to this - he rescues Robin and subdues Pyg and capture all of his Dollotrons. Pyg is arrested and taken to Blackgate Penitentiary.

The Black Glove

Dr. Hurt helped Pyg escape, as he is a major part of his plan, and Pyg is told to wreak havoc on the city. He then kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and tries to perform surgery on him. Batman stops this and almost captures Pyg, but he was able to escape.

Soon after, Pyg stops being an ally of Hurt and heads off to complete his own agendas. Pyg is then seen surrounded by his minions and he was still trying to infect Gotham with his new drug. He reveals a "box" to a crowd of drug addicts, telling them it will take away the pain. However, the box was actually a Dollotron converter, and whoever enters gets changed into a Dollotron. Batman and Robin put a stop to the madness and Pyg was taken to Arkham Asylum.


  • Valentin has a son, Janosz Valentin, who works for the Leviathan organization as "Johnny Valentine". He wears a wrecked version of his father's pig mask, but only on special occasions, thus making him "Son of Pyg". He is later defeated by Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) during a plot to turn a group of teen mercenaries-in-training into agents of Leviathan.
  • He is most likely to be Hungarian, judging by the fact that he and his son both have Hungarian names. He also has the habit of when referring to a character switching between the gender pronouns, which is a common mistake Hungarians make due to them not having gender pronouns in their language.



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