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A former agent of Spyral driven mad by his own mind-eroding drugs, he was an enemy of Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne during their tenure as Batman and Robin.[1] Pyg is seen in Arkham Asylum trying to fight Batman and Nightwing in order to escape. Later, during the war with the Leviathan Organization, through investigation, Batman discovers that Pyg's "mother of nails" is actually Talia al Ghul.

When the Crime Syndicate arrives from another universe to take over the world, Earth is plunged into chaos. In the mess, Gotham City is divided by its criminals in Batman's absence. Professor Pyg is given the hospital as his base of operations during the division. Pyg, with his dollotron army, sedated unknowing pedestrians and unnecessarily operated on them. His operations were usually incredibly absurd, including one time switching a tennis player's hand with one of his own feet. [2] Pyg's reign, however, is short lived because, despite his allegiance to his Arkham Asylum brethren, Bane and his Blackgate army force Pyg to work for them. Slaughtering his dollotrons and breaking his hand, Bane does not give Pyg much of an option in the matter.

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