Quote1 I don't know why your pa-pa wants me for a job any bone cutter can do. My work is art. It's transformational. Quote2
-- Professor Pyg src

Professor Pyg was a surgeon-for-hire operating in Gotham City, who specifically catered to the criminal underworld. He employed mindless, lobotomised servants to assist him in his surgeries.

Abduction and demise

Pyg was hired by Two-Face, a supervillain whose mind was splintered between two personalities, to erase his moralistic half. However, Pyg was abucted by Scandal Savage to perform another surgery on her father before the operation could be completed. He was promptly killed once his work for Savage was complete.[1]



  • Professor Pyg is generally depicted as a mad surgeon suffering from severe dementia and mental illness, performing brutal invasive surgeries on unwilling victims to strip them of their individuality and make them "perfect". However, the War interpretation of Pyg is portrayed significantly more rational, mannerly and well-spoken than his comics counterpart.



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