Lea Lindy was the heroine Marvel Maid, champion of the planet Terra. She was a doppelganger of Supergirl.

Lea Lindy hails from Terra, an Earth-like planet light years away from Earth. Supergirl's spitting image, Lea was born in a civilization which thrived beneath the surface of the planet, and whose world came to an end when the caverns that housed their homes crumbled. Lea's father, Jaal-Kor, who had predicted the collapse and wished to spare his daughter's life, sent her to the surface world in a drilling vehicle. Arriving on the surface, she was found by a family who adopted her and raised her. Later, Lea and her foster parents found out she had gained powers due to be exposed to the radiation of cosmic rays when she reached the surface world. She soon became the super-hero Marvel Maid, setting up her own Fortress of Marvels in space to house her many souvenirs and trophies. She would also adopt the civilian identity of Lea Lindy and work as a cub reporter for the Daily Planet in the city of Macropolis, under the orders of Perry Waite.

Several years later Lea would learn her cousin also survived. Jaal-Kor's brother also sent him away in a drilling device called Rock Penetrator, but the vehicle malfunctioned, trapping him in suspended animation until a big earthquake broke his device free and he was tossed to the surface. Lea found him swiftly, and seeing that he'd also gained powers upon reaching the surface, she started to train him. Lea's cousin set up his civilian identity -naming himself Ken Clark- and became her secret weapon until she deemed him ready to operate publicly as Marvel Man; unfortunately, the lack of identification papers meant he was arrested and sentenced to prison for years. Marvel Man left his cell through a secret tunnel every time he needed to perform secret hero duties and avoided parole until his training was over.

Eventually Supergirl learned of the existence of Terra, and decided to meet with Marvel Maid and ask her to take her place temporarily to prove Superman she's ready to operate publicly. Marvel Maid agreed, but the subtle differences between Terra and Earth tripped up Supergirl, although she still managed to correct her mistakes and save the day.

After fixing the recently crashed Fortress of Marvels, Supergirl asked Marvel Maid to petition her cousin to allow her to reveal herself to the people of Earth. At first, Superman confused Marvel Maid with Supergirl, however after the misunderstanding was sorted out, Marvel Maid appealed to the Man of Steel. Afterwards, Marvel Maid flew back to her planet, where she finally decided to introduce her cousin to the Terrans.



  • This version of Lea Lindy, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.




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