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The League of Assassins is an international organization of the world's greatest killers, operating both for hire and their own agenda. They primarily specialize in assassinations and terrorism. Their leader is Ra's al Ghul, making them some of the greatest enemies to Batman. The League was formed by Ra's with the purpose of tearing the world apart and rebuilding it as something far greater, with the most dangerous men who ever walked the earth as his disciples. In the Modern Age, the League was originally a faction of the international organization known as The Demon's Head.

There exists a sub-organization of the league called the League of Shadows, which leadership was given to Lady Shiva in DC Rebirth. The League of Assassins was inspired by the Order of Assassins, a medieval Islamic order of trained combatants and assassins who were also lead by a mysterious "Old Man of the Mountain".

The League of Assassins was created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, first appearing in Strange Adventures #215 (1968).


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