The League of Smiles was known as the most dangerous Joker-themed gang on the streets during Joker's return after a year of absense. The team was comprised of four Joker-obsessed lunatics and their leader, the Merrymaker.


Dr. Byron Merideth was a crazed doctor at Arkham Asylum who used his own methods, including torture, to rehabilitate his patients. During his time working at Arkham, Merideth began to study the Joker more and more. He was one of the few doctors that could tolerate the criminal. Eventually getting fired, Merideth went into solo-practice. He based his therapy on Joker-obsessed cases. In Gotham, there was no shortage of crazies who loved the Joker. There were four people, however, who caught his attention: Philip, Annie, David, and Rodney. These four, he noted, desperately needed leadership and guidance.

Creating the costume for the Merrymaker, Merideth created the role so he could lead the four into criminal activity. Merideth's plan was to create this uncanny society so that the four would do his bidding. While the Joker-themed criminals attacked civilians, Merideth would sneak into a nearby building where one of his enemies (either his ex-wife, her lawyer, etc.) would be stationed. This way, he could perform an easy kill, while the members of the League of Smiles would attract Batman and the GCPD's attention.

During one of their first runs, Rodney the Torch quit the team and let the hostages go free, against the rest of the team's will. Rodney, no longer supporting the Joker, cut off his own face that had been tattooed with the clown's image.

On another one of their runs, Batman figured out the Merrymaker's identity and his plan. Batman bashed into the room that Merideth was planning to kill his ex-wife in and broke the villain's mask. After the rest of the League of Smiles realized who their leader really was, they began to beat him up. Batman let them rip him apart for 10 seconds before tasering them all. The group officially falls apart.


Weapons: * Assorted Firearms: The team's leader, the Merrymaker, managed to get ahold of multiple firearms for the rest of his team to use.



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